Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you repackage the Aston Martin parts you sell?
Aston Martin doesn't package most items for consumers. Things like filters, thermostats, bolts, o-rings, etc, etc, are either in flimsy boxes or loose bags. Many parts aren't packaged at all. Why? Because only Aston's parts and service personnel were ever meant to see them. Mechanics want parts to be in working order and ready to install. They don't want to mess around with nice-looking packaging or anything else. They've got work to do. So I take the time to go through all the loose items that I order in bulk and package them individually for my customers. This makes them easier for me to keep sorted in my inventory, protects them in shipment from me to you, and helps you guys to identify each item when you receive them.

Are the parts new or used? Are they actually from Aston Martin?
Everything listed as an Aston Martin part is brand new and OEM Aston Martin. On rare occasions I might have some used parts for sale, but these will be clearly marked as such. If I sell something meant to replace an Aston Martin part (such as oil bypass filter cover plate bolts for the 4.3L V8 engines, which I include in my oil change packages), I will state that they are non-OEM in the product description. I have a tendency to err on the side of over-clarification, but if you still have concerns about anything listed, please ask!

I sometimes show pictures of used parts in the product listings. This is because I actually use most of the parts I sell. I test them on my own car, I beat them up, and I get the information I need to help you guys make informed decisions. The pictures show the parts in use, but the parts I sell are brand new.

How long does shipping take?
I'm located on the east coast, outside of Tampa, FL, so shipping times depends on where the orders are being delivered to. Transit time for USPS Priority is 1-3 business days, usually including Saturdays. Transit for UPS Ground takes 1-5 business days, but it's very distance-sensitive. If you're on the west coast, it'll be a full week for you to get your order delivered. UPS often doesn't deliver on Saturdays and waiting for the next Monday can add to shipping time. I usually ship out orders the day they're received or the following day, depending on timing.

I only ship international orders (those being delivered outside the USA) via USPS Priority International. Orders take 6-10 business days to deliver and the service has proven pretty reliable. Tracking is usually included, but it depends on the country being delivered to - each country has its own set of rules, restrictions, costs, and other restraints.

If an item is shipped directly from one of my suppliers, they may use their own carriers and shipping times will vary depending on delivery location, shipping method, and the item being ordered.

Do you offer discounts?
Very rarely. Sometimes I'll find a random reason to put on a sale or offer a discount code for a limited time, but it really doesn't happen often.

I spend an absolutely massive amount of time helping people via email and personal messages, researching topics to provide in-depth information, creating DIY guides, and developing new parts to improve the Aston Martin ownership experience. That leaves me little time or energy to haggle prices.

The sales from my online store basically fund the work I put into my YouTube videos and DIY guides that show you guys how to work on your cars, and those save you far, far more money than a discount code ever would!

Speaking of YouTube, I do not and will not monetize my YouTube channel, so you'll never see annoying ads on it. I only make money from YouTube if people come to my website and actually buy something from Redpants.