Who we are

My name is Richard Seidlitz, and I’m a bit of a car nerd and habitual tinkerer.  I’m not a mechanic, I’m not an engineer, and I’m not endorsed by Aston Martin. I’m just a guy from the internet.

What is Redpants?

Redpants is a veteran-owned small business, and a place where I can share the lessons I’ve learned over the years I’ve owned my Aston Martin*.  Here I can post Aston-specific information, do-it-yourself (DIY) guides, pictures and videos, and even products that I and others develop for the cars.  I’ll also be posting articles written by others, such as technicians with vast amounts of experience working on Aston Martin cars.

Sometimes the posts on Redpants might get a little personal.  That’s not to say this is going to become some car journal turned diary. Rather, I’ve found that for many of us cars are something we get very passionate about and passion gets personal. Since you’ve found your way to my website and are taking the time to read the About Me section, I’m going to guess you’re an enthusiast that shares this passion for cars.

Part of Redpants is my online shop.  The products I sell are those that I have developed.  I use the best parts and materials I can get, and source OEM parts and materials from Aston Martin whenever possible and applicable.  Please keep in mind when ordering or contacting me that Redpants is a side gig for me and I do have a day job. That said, I am usually able to respond to messages and ship in-stock orders within 24 hours.  So if you get an email from me in the middle of the night, it isn't because I'm based in China or something (I'm not in China - I'm in the Tampa area of Florida).

If I post a third party’s product for sale on Redpants, I’ll make that association and any terms of sale as clear as possible.

*Much of the information I’ve learned has come from other Aston Martin owners, enthusiasts, and technicians – I am just passing along that info and can’t take credit for its discovery.

Redpants products

I know the name of my website is a bit goofy. Okay, it's really goofy. But don't worry, most Redpants products do not have a label or even logo on them. If I do include a logo, it generally isn't visible when installed. The Redpants name is for the website and company that I use to run it and sell stuff. My products are designed to look as OEM as possible. That means I do everything I can to make what I sell belong in the car, like they came in the car from Aston's own factory. It's one of the reasons I go through such great lengths to source OEM materials and why development can take a long time for seemingly simple stuff. I do my best to make things perfect. I stand by my work and think you'll agree that what you're getting is well worth the cost, and worthy of being in your Aston Martin.

If you're dissatisfied with the quality or craftsmanship of any Redpants product, please let me know! 

What’s with the name? It has nothing to do with cars…

This is perfect timing for a personal post!  It’s almost like I planned this.  It all started a couple years ago when I was out shopping in Boston with my good friend Blade Kotelly (yes, that’s really his name – he’s an incredible guy, fellow Aston owner, design guru, and teaches at MIT).  We came across a pair of red pants that I never thought I could pull off wearing. I was far too shy and reserved for such attire.  Blade gave me one of the best “peacock” speeches I ever heard and, needless to say, I bought the pants.

My friends back in the DC area immediately started with the commentary the first time I wore them.  I think the pants became far more popular than I am, because they would (and still do) always ask if I am going to wear them whenever I planned to go out with them.  Soon enough, they started tagging me in pictures of anyone they saw wearing red pants.  The pants – the red pants – had become something of my calling card.  Not only that, but they also broke me out of my reserved style, both with fashion and with life in general.  The red pants empowered me.

While I tossed around ideas for the name of this site, it dawned on me that I should use the one I’m already known for. Thus, Redpants was born.

You used a .lol domain? Seriously?

Yeah, seriously. Besides, the .com domain was already taken.