Weight Loss Compilation

[This page is still under construction!]

I'm not obsessive about needing to reduce the weight of my car, but I do my best to have accurate information. Weight loss from is one of those areas where incremental change adds up to a huge result, so ensuring those increments are accurate is extremely important.

One thing that I do stress when doing weight reduction is that the whole point of losing weight is to make the car more enjoyable. Doing anything to take away that enjoyment defeats the entire purpose. That means air conditioning, navigation, the stereo, sound deadening - it's all left intact. The only real caveat to that would be the Recaro Profi SPG seats I have for my car.

Current weight loss from my personal '07 V8 Vantage: 137 lbs!

This page will be updated as I gather more data!

Unsprung Rotating Mass

This is where you get your money's worth for weight loss. The effects of weight reduction here will have the greatest pound-for-pound (or kilo-for-kilo!) effect on your car's performance. There are three key places to shed some pounds: Tires, wheels, and brake rotors. There are a few other places that qualify, but these are the main ones.


Wheels can completely change the look of a car. They're made in a multitude of sizes, styles, and colors. But we're looking at weight loss, so let's focus on that.

I'm a big fan of BC Forged wheels - they're what I use and what I sell. I also encourage people to use my "Redpants fitment" size. This keeps the same width and diameter of the original wheels, but adds a more aggressive offset to give a wider track and better stance. You're not increasing wheel size (which adds weight) or tire size (which adds weight) and you can swap over your original tires without having to buy new ones if you don't want to (which saves money!). Based on a combination of weight measurements from myself and from Tire Rack, I dropped 24 lbs by switching to my RT50 wheels.


Brake Rotors

The earlier V8 Vantage used 1-piece slotted brake rotors. The V8 Vantage S introduced 2-piece rotors. The later V8 Vantage switched to a "1.5"-piece brake rotor which is something of an in-between as far as weight reduction and cost is concerned.

Wilwood 2-piece brake rotors drop 18 lbs compared to the original 1-piece rotors.

Well-worn OEM 1-piece front brake rotor weight.

Well-worn OEM 1-piece front brake rotor weight.

The weight for the OEM rear 1-piece brake rotor, also quite worn.

The weight for the OEM rear 1-piece brake rotor, also quite worn.

Lightweight Flywheel

One of the major complaints about the V8 Vantage's engine is that the throttle response is sluggish. This is exacerbated with the 4.3L cars because they have a relatively low torque output compared to the 4.7L engines. A lightweight flywheel not only lowers your car's overall weight, but also helps throttle response.


Exhaust manifolds (Headers)

Replacing the left side exhaust manifold with an aftermarket one dropped 3.5 lbs from the car.

Left-side OEM 4.3L V8 exhaust manifold: 12 lbs 15.1 oz

Left-side OEM 4.3L V8 exhaust manifold: 12 lbs 15.1 oz

Left-side VelocityAP 4.3L V8 exhaust manifold: 9 lbs 7.2 oz

Catalytic Converters

In addition to gains in power and an improved, more aggressive exhaust note, replacing the catalytic converters with high-flow units dropped a combined 8 lbs from the car.