V8 Vantage Common Maintenance DIY

Aston Martins have a lot of carry-over from one car to another. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in this section, check the General DIY and DB9 DIY sections.

DISCLAIMER: As always, follow all safety protocols. Don't undertake this task if you aren't comfortable with it and fully understand it. You are ultimately responsible for anything you do. Neither Redpants, LLC or myself is responsible or liable for anything that may occur.

Basic Maintenance

The most essential do-it-yourself guides are those for basic maintenance of your V8 Vantage. For an overview of what should be done and when to do it, check out my Maintenance Guide.

This page covers basic maintenance items that need to be done every 1-4 years. For less-common maintenance items, check out the Less-Common Maintenance DIY section.

First thing’s first. Many of the jobs you’ll do on an Aston will require the car to be off the ground. For those of us that work on cars in our home garages, that means getting the car on jack stands. This guide shows you how to do that safely.

Your car has an internal clock that will tell you when maintenance is needed. A dealership will reset the clock when they service your car. If you’re doing the work yourself, you can turn off the warning on your own.

Engine oil should be changed every year, or every 10,000 miles (whichever comes first). All the parts you need are included in my Oil Change Packages, and I recommend using Motul engine oil.

Intake filters should be changed every two years, or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first). If you live in a harsh climate, you may want to change them every year. I sell OEM paper intake filters as well as my own dry or oiled cloth intake filters. For more information about these options, check out my Intake Filters page.

Cabin filters (AKA pollen filters) clean the air being drawn into the cabin of the car from outside. Their job is to prevent dust, debris, bugs, leaves, pine needles, odors, and other things from getting into the cabin. As with any filter, they need to be replaced regularly.

Aston Martin recommends they be replaced every two years or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first), and I include them in my 2-Year Service Packages and Performance 2-Year Service Packages. However, if you’re more sensitive to allergens, odors, or anything like that, you might want to replace them every year or 10,000 miles. I also offer them on their own if you want to do that.

It’s recommended that you change out your windshield wiper blades at least every-other year. I don’t carry them because they’re easy enough to get from Amazon. You’ll just need to get the left-hand and right-hand blades separately, as they’re not the same. And, there’s a little trick to get the wiper arms up to clear the hood of the car, which you’ll need to know to make this job possible.

Flushing your brake fluid should be done every two years, or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first). If you track your car, you should do this more often. I recommend and sell Motul brake fluids. For more information on brake fluid and various option, check out my Brake Fluid Comparison page and Brake Fluids modification guide.

You should flush your clutch line at the same time as the brake lines. This commonly-overlooked maintenance item helps prevent premature clutch wear and improve clutch pedal feel.

Brake pads need to be replaced regularly, which isn’t a problem because it’s actually an easy job. This DIY shows how to do it.

The pads Aston Martin equips from the factory aren’t the best for more drivers, so I highly recommend others.

There are two transmission choices for the V8 Vantage: the manual and Sportshift (ASM). The Sportshift transmission is an automated version of the manual, so the process for changing the gear oil is the same for both. This DIY shows how to do it. I sell both the OEM Castrol gear oil as well as a Motul gear oil that I use in my own car. You’ll also need new washers for the drain and fill plugs and an o-ring for the gear oil filter to do the job right. I sell them all together as a Gear Oil Change Package to make things easy for you.