Aston Martin Transmission Basics 

Aston Martin has three basic types of transmission: manual, automated manual, and automatic. I'll only be focusing on the manuals and automated manuals in this since there isn't much to say about the automatic that is any different from any other car.

The manual and automated manual transmissions are, in more specific terms, transaxles. Transaxles are transmissions that have a differential built into them. This is a very important thing to know when doing maintenance, as the transmission and differential both share the same gear oil. That means the gear oil you use must be appropriate for both transmissions and differentials. Using the wrong gear oil can damage the transmission and lead to very costly repairs. I'll cover that more in the Gear Oil section below.

Knowing that the transmission is also called a transaxle isn't that big of a deal so long as you know what gear oil to use. The terms are sort of like guns: All rifles are guns, but not all guns are rifles. Same thing: All transaxles are transmissions, but not all transmissions are transaxles. It's just good to know the term transaxle as that term will be used interchangeably with transmission and gearbox.

Aside from the three used by Aston Martin, the other main type of transmission is the dual-clutch, but Aston Martin does not offer one at the time of this writing (Dec 2018). The only thing to mention about dual-clutch transmissions is that "dual clutch" and "dual plate clutch" are two VERY different things and should not be confused. A dual-clutch transmission is a transmission that has two clutch units. A dual-plate clutch is a single clutch unit that has two discs within it. If you say you have a dual clutch in your V8 Vantage, you are mistaking terms and saying you have a transmission that doesn't exist for your car. Terms like "twin disc" and "twin plate" are used interchangeably, but "twin clutch" is not the same at all. It might seem like a small difference, but it's an important one.

The manual and automated manual transmissions are actually the same thing. The only difference is that the manuals are controlled via a gear stick and cables to change gears while the automated manual uses paddles and solenoids.

There are two basic transmissions: the 6-speed and 7-speed. Each of these comes in manual and automated manual versions.

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Automated Manual

I get a lot of questions about paddle-shifted Aston Martins so I think an overview would help a lot of owners and prospective owners of cars with these transmissions.

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