Terms and Conditions

The information provided on Redpants.lol is for guidance purposes and may not be complete.  Use of any information or product from Redpants is at your own risk.  Validity or completeness of information is not guaranteed, implicitly or explicitly.  Do not attempt any task for which you are not qualified.

And always (always)... safety first!


Shipping costs are non-negotiable. If a shipping cost is charged at a higher rate than the actual cost, a refund will not be provided.

While we do make every effort to ship orders within 24 hours, delays can and do occur.

Orders will not ship until payment has been received in full, including orders that require a shipping quote - the shipping invoice must be paid or the parts will not ship.

Shipping Quotes

If an order is received without shipping paid (unless specifically instructed to do so), the order will be cancelled. The customer will be sent a courtesy email explaining the cancellation but a new order will have to be made. Redpants will not send shipping invoices for items that do not require them.

If a customer is placing an order that includes any items requiring a shipping quote, use the Shipping Quote option for shipping during checkout. You do not need to place multiple orders.

Returns and Refunds

Redpants products in new and unused/uninstalled condition will be accepted for a full refund minus shipping costs.

Canceled orders for products shipped from our distributors and special order Aston Martin products are subject to a 25% restocking fee. These fees apply to all special orders, regardless of shipment status as Redpants must pay for these up front and is then charged a fee if the order is canceled.


Submitting a chargeback against an order will not be tolerated. If a customer has not received an order, the customer should first contact me (Rich) to ask for an update or request the order be canceled. If a customer does a chargeback for any reason without prior discussion with me (Rich), I will immediately cancel any further orders that I get from that customer and no longer do business with them.

Price Changes

Prices can and do change, often without notice. This is usually due to our suppliers changing their costs. If an order is received for an item that has a revised higher cost, the order will not ship until the balance is paid. This also applies to shipping charges. If the customer decides to cancel the order rather than pay the balance, no restocking or cancellation fee will apply.

In General

Prices and product availability are subject to change. While every effort is made to keep products in stock, they may sometimes sell out before new inventory arrives. Due to the nature of many of Redpants' products, restocking dates cannot always be guaranteed. Third-party products listed for sale by Redpants are subject to the suppliers' refund policies. Ordering a third-party product expresses consent to this policy.

OEM Products

Items that are OEM Aston Martin products are obtained through Aston Martin's affiliates. These are kept in stock and ship as ordered. Inventory is ordered in bulk and generally restocked quickly if sold out. However, the nature of supply arrangements means that pricing cannot always be controlled and inventory interruptions can occur. The product listings in Redpants' online store will reflect any pertinent information for these products. Those products listed as "Special Order" are not kept in stock. Rather, they come directly from Aston Martin when ordered. This can add 4-7 days to delivery time.

Redpants Products

Redpants has relationships with a number of suppliers and manufacturers. Redpants-designed products are manufactured by our partners, chosen to meet our exacting specifications and requirements. The arrangements in place give Redpants private labels with our suppliers, and we order our inventory in batches based on demand and manufacturing times. Redpants designs are continuously developed. Designs might change, but quality will never be sacrificed.

Tailor-Made Products

Some of our products are made-to-order to our customers' specifications. The turnaround time for these products can be anywhere from one to six weeks, depending on the product and materials used to create it. Please contact Redpants if you have any questions or concerns about a tailor-made product.

Privacy Policy

Redpants does not share your information with anyone. Any contact, shipping, and billing information you provide is solely for those reasons.