Redpants Tech Day - Austin 2019


This event has been canceled. Please refer to my blog post about it for more information.

Interested in having your Aston Martin’s infotainment system upgraded with features like front and rear cameras, music streaming over Bluetooth, CarPlay support, and even cell phone screen mirroring on the factory navigation screen? Or do you want to learn more about your car’s infotainment system and attend an event to meet other Aston owners? Now’s your chance for all that and more!

Redpants is proud to host James and Lenny from Aston Installations at our second-ever Tech Day, which will be held in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, 19 May 2019!

what is a tech day?

Tech Days are a concept I came up with a while back. It’s probably not original, but it’s a straight-forward premise that ties into the rest of my overall goals for Redpants and Redpants Unzipped. A Tech Day is a one-day event where I bring in experts from a specific segment of the automotive industry. They give a speech about themselves and their careers, about their areas of expertise, and then about how it all applies specifically to Aston Martins.

This time around we have James Hawkes-Reed of Aston Installations and his partner Lenny Knox coming from England and the Tech Day will focus on infotainment systems. Not only will James be providing us with plenty of information, you guys and gals will also be able to have your cars upgraded with their current offerings.

We’re also trying something new this time around: Our buddy Eric is putting together a little road rally the day before the Tech Day! It’s a chance to meet other Aston owners, check out each other’s cars, and treat Texas’s famous hill country to the sound of our Aston Martins.

Check it out

Here’s a taste of what Aston Installations can do.

New Vantage and DB11

CarPlay and Android Auto are now available for the New Vantage! It should be the same for DB11, but Aston Installations need to verify with more testing that there won’t be any surprise differences between the New Vantage and DB11 - never say “never” with Aston Martins….

Pricing is the same as it is for the previous-generation of Vantages.

Aston Installations New Vantage Car Play.jpg

Event details


Berli’s Body & Fine Auto Finishes
1489 Grand Avenue Parkway
Pflugerville, Texas 78660

9am, Sunday, 19 May 2019


Installation Options

CarPlay integration: $1700 installed
Aston Installations now offer an integration for CarPlay! The system uses the factory navigation screen, so it isn’t touch-screen enabled. They add a small dial to quickly scroll through each app available within CarPlay. A dedicated microphone is added so you can use Siri for voice controls. Since the factory nav screen is used, you can use the screen for any app from CarPlay, including Waze!

Android Auto integration: $1700 Installed
Along the same lines of CarPlay, this setup will allow users of Android phones to have the Android Auto functionality in their Aston Martin.

Music streaming via Bluetooth: $1095 installed
If your car came with a USB input, you can use a Bovee 1000 to stream music from your phone to your car. It’s simple and effective, but the earlier cars that didn’t come with a USB input so they need a bit of extra work to make it happen. This installation option adds a couple extra components so you can use a Bovee to stream music - and yes, the Bovee is included.

Front camera: $1095 installed
The front lip of an Aston Martin is off in its own world. It’s a difficult thing to manage because it’s so hard to tell where exactly the front lip is - and I sell a lot of replacements as a result of it! Save yourself the nerve-racking and cringe-inducing incidents and get a front camera for your Aston Martin. The video from the camera is displayed on the factory navigation screen, and a discreet switch lets to switch between the camera input and the factory navigation system.

Rear camera: $875 installed
As useful as a front camera, the rear camera helps you see what’s behind your Aston Martin. Especially useful for reversing into parking spaces when low-level rear visibility is a problem, it’s another great way to reduce the stress of living with your Aston. The camera’s video is automatically displayed on the car’s factory navigation screen when you put the car in reverse, and then returns to its normal display when you get out of reverse gear.

Front and Rear Camera Package: $1535 installed
Front and rear cameras at a package price. Simple enough! Please see the descriptions above for each item.

Rearview mirror with reversing camera: $1095 installed
Don’t have a factory navigation screen? Not a problem! This rearview mirror has a built-in screen that displays video from the reversing camera when you put your car in reverse gear. When not in reverse gear, the screen is off and the rearview mirror hides the embedded screen, looking like a normal rearview mirror.

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If you are attending the Tech Day but not having any work done on your car, please mark the Audio and Camera Installations fields as “None” and fill out the rest of the form accordingly.

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