Motul Gear 300 (1L)

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Motul Gear 300.JPG

Motul Gear 300 (1L)


Currently on national back-order. Expected to be back in stock mid-July.

Motul Gear 300 75w90 is an alternative to the OEM Castrol BOT 270A gear oil, which can only be bought from an Aston Martin dealership and at a price of around $70 per quart!

This Motul alternative costs about 1/3 the price, making it another way to help keep Aston Martin ownership costs down. If you do the job yourself, you'll save even more!

The bottles for both Motul Gear 300 and Castrol BOT270A have an extending nozzle, so you can fill your gearbox without a pump!

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This product is sold in 1-liter bottles. You'll need 5 liters for the V8 Vantage's 6-speed transaxle.

Redpants recommends owners continue to use the OEM Castrol BOT 270A gear oil in the Sportshift transaxle due to that transmission's calibration. This isn't an issue for manual cars.

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