Clear Tail Lights

Clear tail lights 02.jpg
Clear tail lights 02.jpg

Clear Tail Lights

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Want to convert the red tail lights on your V8 Vantage or DB9 to the clear ones? These OEM tail lamp kits from Aston Martin have everything you need! Included in this package price is everything needed for installation: The tail lights, tail light adapters, seals, and even new fir tree clips.

Installation is a DIY job that only requires a few basic hand tools and maybe an hour or so.

NOTE: A Tail Light Installation Kit is included when ordering the Clear Tail Lights from Redpants!

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The DB9 coupe and volante kits are different from each other.
The V8 Vantage coupe and roadster use the same kits.

Prices differences
The increased price for the DB9 volante and V8 Vantage are because the kits for those cars include the third brake light, while the DB9 coupe does not (the DB9 coupe doesn't need it).

This is a special order item and must be shipped from our supplier in England. Expect an extra 4-7 days for order fulfillment.