Exterior Lighting Package

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Lighting package preview.png

Exterior Lighting Package

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Something I've never liked about the factory exterior lighting on an Aston Martin is that none of it matches! Black headlight housings, orange front corner markers, white side repeaters, red rear corner markers, red rear bumper reflectors, and red or clear tail lights. That's up to five different kinds of lights on a single car!

While changing the headlights is impractical, and you've already got two options for the tail lights, what we can do is get everything else to match.

Our Exterior Lighting Package includes all the following as well as new speed nuts for installation.

The two options are dark-smoked lenses on black housings, and lightly-smoked lenses on grey housings.

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These non-OEM parts are made for specifically for Redpants. They fit the V8 Vantage, DB9, and DBS.