Cobra Nogaro seats (GRP)

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Cobra Nogaro seats (GRP)

from 2,600.00

Lightweight bucket seats made specifically for your Aston Martin! These seats are designed to match the leather and stitching of your Aston’s interior. They allow use of the factory three-point seat belt, so you don’t have to worry about harnesses. Everything needed for installation is included!

This is the GRP version. GRP is a fiberglass technology (another type being FRP). GRP/FRP seats are commonly used in sports car racing series. These provide a significant amount of weight loss compared to the factory seats. For even more weight loss and slightly more rigidity, a carbon fiber version is also available.

Please read the Cobra information page for more details about these specific seats and the trade-offs when replacing the factory seats with bucket seats in general.

Please read the ordering information below before placing your order!

You’ll be prompted to provide some information when you add this product to your shopping cart. These seats are tailor-made for your car so a few extra steps will need to be taken to ensure they’re made properly. You’ll also need to choose the correct shipping option during checkout.

If you’re not sure about the options available, please contact me and I’m happy to discuss them with you!

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A shipping quote is required for this item, so please choose “Shipping Quote” during checkout. I will provide an invoice for shipping separately based on your delivery address. Your order will not ship until the Shipping Quote Invoice is paid. Shipping to delivery addresses in the United States is typically $400-450.

Delivery Time

These seats are made-to-order, specific to the details you provide. Because of this, the expected delivery time is eight (8) weeks from the time of order.

Ordering Information

You’ll be prompted to provide some information when you add this product to your cart. This is to make sure the seats are made for your specific car and match the factory interior as best as possible. There are a few options that add to the final cost of the product. If you choose to include these options, they will be billed in the shipping invoice. There’s no risk to look at the cost-adding options. They’re listed below and in the form you need to fill out when adding the seats to your cart - you’ll see the pricing before any payment information is needed.

Street vs Circuit

The Circuit version has a pair of cut-outs at the upper shoulders to allow harness straps to pass through the seats. If you plan to use harnesses, or if you want a sportier look, choose the Circuit option. The Street version is the same as the Circuit except that it does not have the holes for the shoulder straps of a harness.

Outer and Inner Leather options

The outer leather is the leather color that is on the outer edges of the seat. The inner leather is the leather color that is on the inner panels (the portion your back and butt are on). If you have all the same color, choose that color for both Outer and Inner options. Yes, you can make these whatever color you want. So if you have all Phantom Grey on your factory seats, but you want to make the new Cobra seats have two-tone leather, you can do that by choosing the colors you want.

Stitching Pattern

There are two stitching patterns available: course and fine. These are the factory options from Aston Martin, and the stitching on the new Cobra seats will be done to match as best as they can. If you don’t know which stitching pattern you have, choose “unknown” rather than guessing.

Regardless of which stitching pattern you have, send me an email with a picture of a measuring tape alongside your factory stitching. Please use a metric tape (measure in millimeters/mm) for this. The easiest place to take the measurement is the stitching that runs along the lower console, where the gearshift is (or would be, in an automatic/Sportshift car). Here’s mine:

Grey V8V stitching measurement.jpg

Side Mounts

The side mounts are the mounting brackets that attach the seats to the sliders. These come in two versions: Standard and Low-Rise. The Low-Rise option lowers the seating height by ~1.5” (4cm) and is for people that want to sit as low as they can in the car. If you’re very tall, if you want to make sure you have ample clearance for a helmet, or if you want the lowest seating position possible, choose the Low-Rise option from the Side Mounts drop-down menu.

Inner Back Design

There are a couple options for how the Inner Back portion of the leather is made: Ladder, Dome, or Diamond. Here’s a pic showing the Ladder style, which is boxed in red.

Inner Back Design.jpg

The Dome style would be a smoother surface, and the Diamond style would have diamond pattern.

Walero Lining

You can have the inside of your seats lined with fire-resistant, temperature-regulating fabric from Walero. The lining is completely hidden within the seat, under the leather, and the seat will look the same if you opt in for it. The price of this option is $250 per seat.

Lumbar Adjustment

These seats have an optional lumbar support. This functions the same as the factory seats. The difference is that the factory seats have an electronic pump and the Cobra seats have a hand-pump. When not making adjustments to the lumbar support, the hand-pump tucks out of sight between the seat and center tunnel. The cost of this option is $160 per seat.

Seat Back Shell Paint

Cobra can paint the the shell of the seat to match your car’s paint and, because I’m a stickler for details, I’ve got a supply of OEM paint ready to match your car as best as possible. The cost of this option is $240 per seat.