BC Forged KL13


BC Forged KL13

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Built to order wheels to improve the look and performance of your Aston Martin! These wheels can be made in any size. To keep it simple, I’ve created a couple pre-set sizes, “Redpants” and “Widepants” fitments, but any size and offset can be made.

For lots more information, check out my BC Forged info page.


These wheels are sized to match the width and diameter of the 19" OEM wheels, but with a more aggressive offset. Perfect for maintaining balance, OEM tire sizes, weight reduction, and price.


These wheels allow you to add some serious width to your tires! Sized 19x9.5" wide in front and 19x11" wide in the rear, or 20x9" in front and 20x11" in the rear.


All wheels are made to order and there are lots of options available. Please check out my BC Forged page for an overview. You'll need to choose your style, face, finish, and size.

You can place an order and pay for the wheels through this online store, but you'll still need to tell me which finish you'd like. When you place an order, I'll follow up with a few questions to finalize your order.

Wheel Size:
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Listed price is for one set of four (4) wheels in a set specification. Price includes various colors and finishes, BC Forged center caps, and valve stems.

Shipping costs $350 within the United States. Available options with additional cost include machining for OEM center caps, TPMS valve stem adapters, and custom finishes.

These wheels are custom made to order, so delivery time is generally 4-6 weeks from order placement.


Redpants preferred fitment:
245 / 40 R 19
Rear: 285 / 35 R 19

Redpants also fits:
Front: 235 / 40 R 19
Rear: 275 / 35 R 19

19" Widepants preferred fitment:
Front: 265 / 35 R 19
Rear: 305 / 30 R 19

20" Widepants preferred fitment:
Front: 245 / 35 R 20
Rear: 295 / 30 R 20


BC Forged wheels are fully forged, made in their VIA- and TUV-certified manufacturing facility in Taiwan. Yep, Taiwan. Despite any stigma some people might have, they're extremely high quality products. I've been outright abusing mine for a while now and they're still going strong. What kind of abuse? At one point I slid off Summit Point sideways at a rather high speed. I once hit a pothole so hard that the sidewall of my tire was destroyed. I've put these wheels through the same torture as I did my OEM wheels - two of those are now completely unusable. Yet the BC Forged wheels carry on right through it.