Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

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Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

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These are currently special-order items that will be made to order. I usually receive them in approximately a week, and can then ship them to customers. So expect a ~2 week delivery from the time your order is placed until you receive it.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now available for your Aston Martin!! Brought to you buy the gurus at Aston Installations, these installation kits include everything needed to add full CarPlay or Android Auto functionality to your car.

When you choose an Installation Kit from the drop-down menu below, you will be prompted to provide information about your car. Please ensure you select the correct options for your specific car. This will help ensure you get the parts you need.

These kits are designed to work with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The modules handle either one, so you don’t have to choose based on the type of phone you have. When you install the kit, use whatever phone charging cable you prefer (that is rated to handle Apple CarPlay or Android Auto) and the modules will do the rest.

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Installation Kit:
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What You Get

All parts needed for installation are included: modules, wiring harnesses, fuses, controllers, buttons, etc. If you order an option that includes cameras, everything needed for those is included as well. A phone charger cable is required for this system but is not supplied. You can use the charge cable you currently keep in your car or get a new one, it’s up to you. We’ve decided not to supply charge cables because of how many color options there are and how varied customer preferences are. For example, I have a red charge cable for my phone, some people would hate having that in their car.

Once installed, you’ll have the full functionality of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in your Aston Martin. The factory navigation screen is used to display your apps and the supplied controller allows you to cycle through and use them. A button will cycle through what’s displayed on your navigation screen, showing you the factory navigation system, CarPlay/Android Auto, or the front camera (if installed). If you’ve also installed a rear camera, its video input will override whatever is on the screen when the car is put in reverse. When you take the car out of reverse, the screen will return to whatever it was previously showing.

Here’s a video showing all of this in action.


The controller and a few buttons/switches need to be mounted in the car. Think about where you want to mount them before committing to installation.

The charge cable will only provide 1 amp to your phone. This means that although it can charge your phone, it will only keep the power level about steady when using power-hungry apps like streaming music and navigation on your phone.


The factory navigation system is required to use this product.

You will need to supply your own phone charge cable, which is used to connect your phone to the system. Make sure your charge cable is rated for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Installation of this product is possible as a DIY, but professional installation is suggested.

Minimal cutting or drilling is needed for installation, please refer to installation instructions for more details.