Rich’s Grey 2007 V8 Vantage


Under construction

Aston Martin makes one hell of an interior but I wanted to change mine up a bit. There were a few things in particular that needed to go. I wanted better-matched finishes, less weight, more functionality, and better driver engagement. My solution for these was carbon fiber, new seats, and an overhauled infotainment system.

Carbon fiber shifter surround

The OEM shifter surround is an odd piece. It’s very high-quality, made of milled aluminum, and has a nice polish to it. But it doesn’t match anything else in the car’s interior. Well, I think it looks great when paired with the big, chunky shift knob from the V12 Vantage and DBS, but even then there’s nothing else in the car that matches it. I replaced mine with a carbon fiber one from Aston Martin.

Since then I’ve teamed up with ECPS and they’ve got carbon fiber shifter surrounds with a few options for finishes available as well.

Alcantara steering wheel and shift knob

I wanted a racier feeling in my hands while driving and that was accomplished by replacing the steering wheel and shift knob with ones that were wrapped in Alcantara rather than leather. These are sold as a package by Aston Martin.

Alcantara steering wheel installed.jpg

Door Bars and Door sill scuff plates

I’m not a fan of singular items being a different material unless there’s a special meaning behind them, and the gear shifter surround didn’t quite justify it. That meant I needed more carbon fiber. The factory door bars and door sill scuff plates were this purple-ish color, and not identical to each other. While pretty cool in an odd way, I wanted to replace them with matte carbon fiber to match the gear shifter surround. I opted for the ones from ECPS and love the way they turned out.

Finished carbon.jpg

The door bars are a bit of a challenge to install due to the latch mechanism needing to be swapped over, but it’s definitely doable with a bit of patience and knowing the trick. In addition to matching the interior trim better than the factory items, I was able to shed about 3 lbs of weight. The lining on the backside of the factory door bars isn’t used on ECPS’s carbon fiber ones, so that’s something to take into account.

Door bar weight comparison.png

There’s no need to worry about the door sill scuff plates, though - those are super easy and swap over in just a few minutes. Again I was able to shed some weight with the ECPS carbon fiber parts - this time over 4 lbs.

Door sill scuff plate weight comparison.png

under construction

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