Rich’s Grey 2007 V8 Vantage


Under construction

My car had the OEM 7-spoke wheels on it when I bought it, but with spacers to bring them out a bit. The fitment was fantastic.

I swapped out the spacers and OEM wheels for a set of BC Forged RT50 wheels in Redpants fitment after a couple years. I found BC Forged because of these specific wheels. I wanted the style of the 5-spoke Speedline wheels used on the original N24 Vantage race car, but with more elegance - I wanted a thinner spoke and larger diameter. When I found the RT50, it was exactly what I had hoped for.


The wheels were made specifically for me based on my specs so I no longer needed the spacers. It’s left me with extended lugs and I’ve had to use open-ended lug nuts since replacing the OEM wheels. I’ve had a set of new wheel hub assemblies with standard lugs sitting on a shelf for longer than I’d like to admit and eventually I’ll replace them and be able to use my own Redpants lightweight lug nuts.

If you look closely at the center of the wheels in the pic below you can see how long the lugs are - you’re looking at the exposed lugs, not lug nuts!


Eventually I bought a second Aston Martin - the red one that I had for a couple years. I bought a set of Widepants fitment RZ05 wheels for it but test fit them on my grey car and fell in love. Long story short, the RZ05s stayed on and the grey car began a transformation. Before it had silver wheels with all the factory brightwork around the car. Once the black RT50 wheels went on, all the brightwork was replaced with either gloss black or carbon fiber items. Check out the Body section of this build for more information on what I did.

I still absolutely love the classic-but-modern look of the RT50s, but the RZ05s just freshen up the car so much and are a better match for its current aggressive styling. I mean, look at this thing!


The RT50s I had on the car were the same width and diameter as the OEM 7-spoke wheels, but with a more aggressive (and far more suitable!) offset. The RZ05s, however, are much wider. The fronts have gone from 8.5" wide to 9.5", and the rears have gone from 9.5" to 11" wide. With the extra wheel width comes wider tires.

I loved the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires I had on the RT50s, but Michelin came out with an updated version called the Pilot Sport 4S. I went with the PS4S tires in a wider size: 265-width in front and 305-width size in rear. At first I was honestly opposed to the sizing. As a fan of weight reduction, the wider size wheels and tires negated the huge weight savings I'd enjoyed with the RT50s and Super Sports. But having had the RZ05s and PS4Ss on track... all I can say is, "It's worth it." The added grip is just amazing, and my nerves gave out before the tires ever did.