Customer Feedback

Your feedback helps make Redpants' products and services the best they can be, and I sincerely appreciate your reviews. The built-in widget I originally tried wasn't quite meeting my standards, so I decided to do something a bit different. The reviews I get from customers will be posted to this page (so long as I'm given permission), along with a response to those reviews. Your information will be kept private - only your first name and general location will be shown. Feel free to rate Redpants on any scale you'd like. A+ to F, 1 to 10, bananas to shoelaces, whatever. No matter how you convey your message, I'll take it to heart.

If you'd like to send a review, please use the Contact page or email me directly at

Richard and his site/shop are the best!
I just purchase several Aston Martin parts (gas struts, oil change necessities and air filters) from him through his site, and they’re 100% genuine and fantastic. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first because his prices were incredibly better than anything else on the web, but now I’m definitely glad I gave his shop a try; he’s the real deal!
Aside from having great prices and DIY info, Richard provides amazing customer service! He immediately contacted me to clarify a mistake I had made in my order quantity and refunded my money as soon as I confirmed my error. Thanks, Richard!
If you’re looking for Aston parts or DIY resources, look no further; Richard is your man!
— Vince (San Francisco, USA), April 2016

A big shout-out to Vince, not only for his review (thank you for the kind words!) but also because having a review mechanism was his suggestion.

I'm able to keep pricing low because I don't have much overhead and I buy inventory in bulk. I'm hoping to keep prices the same, but some things are out of my control - currency exchange, supplier pricing, taxes - these all affect the prices I charge.

Thanks again, Vince, for being a customer, the great feedback, and the suggestion to have reviews!

Thanks so much for your on-line video of how to change the Aston Martin V8 thermostat when temp gauge is reading low. I watched the video, bought a new thermostat from Redpants, received it in 2 business days, & installed it this afternoon. Installation takes the right tools & some patience but I couldn’t have done it without your good instructions. This is my first time buying from Redpants & now your have won a loyal customer. Thanks again for your good guidance & good on-line shopping experience.
— Dave (Gainesville, USA), October 2016

I get emails from people (both customers and non-customers alike) thanking me for the work I've put into my Redpants website and YouTube channel, but for some reason Dave's resonated with me and..... it reminded me that I have a Reviews page! I've been so ridiculously busy building the website's content, dealing with inventory, and emailing people that I'd forgotten about adding reviews. I asked Dave if I could post his email, and he was kind enough to allow me to do so (thanks, Dave!).

Knowing that I'm meeting and even exceeding people's expectations is a really big deal for me. Redpants has just completed its 9th month of business and things are definitely picking up momentum. One of the challenges I face as an online retailer is that it's difficult to tell what goes well and what doesn't. Sales are a great metric, of course, but so are emails like Dave's that tell me how their experience with Redpants went. I really do appreciate every email I get like this!