Red 2007 V8 Vantage

I originally bought this car as a long-term project car two years ago. I fixed a bunch of issues with it and was getting it ready for a big build… and then my life went sideways. Unfortunately for me, this car has become a casualty of the less-than-pleasant series of events that beat me down every step of the way through 2018. As the saying goes, my loss is your gain. I’ve also since sold the car due to some changes in my life. I loved the car and do miss it, and I’d definitely have kept it if I could have.

Red for sale 3.jpg

The basics

2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Rosso Corsa paint (Ferrari red)
Obsidian Black leather with red stitching
4.3L V8 with 6-speed manual transmission


Redpants Oil catch can (brushed stainless)
Redpants Air box delete brackets
Redpants high-flow intake filters (dry)
VelocityAP High-flow catalytic converters
VelocityAP Engine tune
Porterfield R4-S brake pads
2-piece brake rotors
Redpants TPMS Defeat
BC Racing/Redpants coilovers
Redpants Exterior lighting package (light grey)
Clear tail lights
Shorty antenna
LED map lights
Front and rear parking cameras
Streaming music over Bluetooth
Android mirroring on OEM nav screen

The Good

This car is absolutely gorgeous. The Ferrari red paint perfectly suits the car, being both sporty and tasteful. It stands out without being obnoxious. The car drives great, the clutch is still strong, and it’ll have a bunch of maintenance done so it’s ready to go for the new owner.

Red for sale 2.jpg

I’ve already done a few modifications for the better. The Porterfield R4-S pads are silent and greatly reduce brake dust, which are common complaints owners have with the OEM pads. The high-flow cats and engine tune bring the car to life. Engine response and power output are both improved, adding around 30hp and better throttle response, plus a more aggressive exhaust note. The shorty antenna and LED map lights are subtle changes that improve the car inside and out.

I used this car for developing a set of coilovers with BC Racing, and the final pre-production prototypes are still on the car. These were the version I approved to go into production. I have the ride height set to a mild drop - lower than stock, but not as low as H&R springs would be. The rebound and compression are set slightly soft. They’re still firm enough that the car can handle but comfortable to make daily driving a breeze. I set the ride height and valving so the car would be perfect for everyday use. Excessive wheel gap is gone but you don’t have to worry about scraping on speed bumps. The suspension is balanced between handling and comfort but can be set further in either direction depending on your taste.

Another major improvement in the car is the updated infotainment system and added front and rear cameras. These upgrades were done by Aston Installations, the world’s foremost experts for Aston Martin infotainment systems. They upgraded both of my V8 Vantages when they came to Tampa for my Tech Day last year. Here’s a video overview of what they did.

The exterior lighting was also redone. The front corner markers and side repeaters have been replaced with Redpants’ exterior lighting. The front corner markers were orange with clear bulbs and the side repeaters were white with orange bulbs. The factory lighting is terribly mismatched. Now, it’s all coordinated and the car looks far better as a whole for it. Here you can see the matching corner marker and side repeater up front.

Redpants red Project car.jpg

Red tail lights were originally on the car but I replaced them with clear ones to give some much needed contrast to the back end and give the car a fresher look.

Red for sale.jpg

The Bad

I bought the car sight-unseen from a guy in Texas and had it shipped to Virginia, where I was living at the time. The process did not go well. There were a lot of undisclosed issues with the car, and the transportation itself caused some damage. As a result, I dumped about $8k into the paint and body of the car to completely fix the various paint and body problems.

The previous owner had tried to cut some corners during ownership and I fixed the majority of it. There are a few more things to fix, though. One is the windshield washer fluid reservoir, which is cracked. Another is the fuel filler neck, which is loose where it meets the fuel filler lid.

There’s also some pulled leather on a couple dash trim pieces, which will need to be repaired or replaced. The gauge cluster hood had the same issue but I’ve already replaced that.

Also in the interior is the ski slope panel, which is cracked. It had been cracked by the previous owner and rather than replace it, he covered it with a carbon-fiber pattern vinyl wrap. You can see the cracks through the vinyl, though the pattern does keep it from being obvious if you aren’t looking at it.

Sometimes the car has a lumpy start when it first turns over. I haven’t had time to diagnose it. Even when it does have the lumpy start, the idle quickly smooths out and the car drives wonderfully from then on. It’s just at startup.

The Other

New wheels and coilovers.jpg

You probably noticed the car has been on a couple different sets of wheels as shown in the pics above. It originally had OEM 7-spoke wheels, painted black. I replaced them with the BC Forged RT50 wheels in Redpants fitment that I used to have on my grey V8 Vantage. Then I swapped those out for a set of BC Forged HCA383 wheels in Widepants fitment. I’ve since sold the HCA383s and have put it back on a set of factory silver 7-spoke wheels and Bridgestone tires. I do still have the RT50s and they are available at an additional cost, but they aren’t in perfect condition. There’s a blemish in the finish of one wheel caused by a tire wall that jumped in front of me out of nowhere during a track day, and a very slight bend in the lip of another wheel. The wheel still holds air perfectly fine, even at triple-digit speeds.

I have the screen mirroring set up for Android phones, but it can easily be converted for iPhones. The Android setup is wireless due to the LG phone I have, but still requires a cable for charging the phone. The iPhone setup is a wired connection that handles both phone charging and screen mirroring.

I have a windshield washer fluid reservoir that will go along with the car if I haven’t had a chance to replace it before the car is sold. It’s brand new and included at no extra charge so even if I don’t replace it myself, you won’t have to buy a new reservoir.

Along with that, their are still a few outstanding issues with the car as I stated in the “The Bad” section above. I’ll be offering discounts on parts to the buyer to repair those issues if the buyer wants to address them.


I’m located in Dover, Florida, on the east side of Tampa. Serious buyers are welcome to test drive the car. It can be shipped at the buyer’s expense and I’m happy to give some suggestions for what to do and what to avoid if the buyer needs it shipped.

The car currently has 53,925 miles on it, but will increase until the car is purchased. I do drive the car occasionally and I’ll be driving it while I do maintenance on my grey V8 Vantage. It won’t be much, though, so expect 54xxx miles on the odometer.

I’ll be doing a bunch of maintenance on the car so it’ll be ready to go for the buyer. At dealership pricing it’d be a few grand, so having it done in advance will help the buyer ease into the world of Aston Martin ownership.

The BC Forged RT50 wheels can be swapped out for the factory wheels for $1500, or included in addition to the factory wheels for $2300, including a set of brand new lightweight lug nuts.