Modifying for Power 

There are a various ways to increase the power you get from your Aston Martin. These include increasing power output as well as decreasing power losses. The articles below will go over the various options available to you to get the most from your car. Although some articles are addressed to specific cars, it’s worth reading all of them in the order listed below as much of the information overlaps and each article contains information that pertains to the others.

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The basics of modifying a car for more power generally hold true from one car to another. This article covers the basics and ties them into specific attributes for Aston Martins.

The 4.3L engine of the early V8 Vantage was woefully lacking in factory spec. But that’s easy to fix and doing so can make the eldest of the "baby Astons” a snappy and fast sports car to match its look and sound.

This article also contains information about catalytic converters, flywheels, and throttle response that is applicable to other cars as well.