I’m Taking My Dad to Japan

I’m making an event page for this trip simply because Redpants will be closed while I’m gone.

Long story short, I had a pretty rough childhood. My dad didn’t have it easy, either - he had a rough childhood and then had two kids to raise on his own. Somehow my brother and I turned out pretty well despite it all. I’ve always wanted to do something to show my dad how much I appreciate him, and to do something to show how far I’ve come - something of a testament to him raising me.

He’s a huge baseball fan and loves sushi, so I decided taking him to Japan would be a worthwhile experience for him. Baseball there is wayyy more fun than it is in the US, so he’ll have a blast with that. And the sushi, well, that speaks for itself. As if that wasn’t enough, he’ll be having a birthday while we’re there, which is that much more meaningful because he was diagnosed with some pretty serious cancer last year.


This trip is my way to thank him for being my dad, to celebrate his birthday, and to claim victory over the cancer that tore him apart but couldn’t take him down.

I’ll be writing an article about the trip for Redpants Unzipped and including it in the Japan Trip Reports section, but I won’t be doing much for Redpants or Redpants Unzipped while we’re on our trip. Thanks in advance for understanding!