Handling Mods, Part 3: Coilovers

A more comprehensive change than just replacing the springs alone, coilovers include the springs, dampers, and top mounts (AKA “top hats”). The springs and dampers are designed to work together and, since they’re being replaced entirely, the springs can be tuned to work with different damper valving than what comes in the original dampers.

Sport Pack Coilovers

Aston Martin does have a factory coilover option, which is part of the Sport suspension. These are made by Bilstein and have a firmer spring rate with new damper valving to match. They do not lower the car compared to the standard coilovers, and they are not adjustable.

BC Racing Coilovers

I’m a bit biased towards BC Racing coilovers since I helped develop them. They’re ride-height adjustable, and have adjustable rebound and compression. They have a linear spring rate, which makes them more oriented to performance use compared to progressive springs, but they can be set at softer settings to be very comfortable on the street. I developed them on my red V8 Vantage project car, which still has the final-version prototypes, and also wrote a blog post about them with more information.

Here’s a pic of the current setup of that car (current as of Sept 10, 2018 anyway). We set the ride height to be slightly lower than stock - just enough to take away the extra fender gap and leave it even all the way around the wheels. The compression/rebound is set to 10-clicks from full soft, which I find to be very comfortable without being too soft. The car is on BC Forged HCA383S wheels in Widepants fitment with 265-front and 305-rear tires.

New wheels and coilovers.jpg

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