Front Grilles

Aston Martin's signature grille is a timeless thing that dominates the design of the front of each car. The actual shape changes from one model to another, but the style stays the same.

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Vantage Grilles

The V8 and V12 Vantage has the widest variety of grilles. Each of the grilles is interchangeable and it only takes a few minutes to swap them out. Here's a video showing how to do it:

The following grilles are for the V8 and V12 Vantage. A few of them came standard on cars, and a few are options or alterations.

8-Bar Grille

The standard grille introduced on the '05 V8 Vantage, the 8-bar grille is a classic slatted-style piece made from horizontal metal slats pressed into vertical plastic brackets.

Clare at registration.jpg

4-bar grille

A 4-bar grille can be made by removing every-other slat from an 8-bar grille. It was first done on the original Vantage N24 race car.

N24 HD.jpg

Turning your 8-bar grille into a 4-bar grille is an easy modification you can do yourself in just a few minutes.

6-Bar grille

An updated version of the original 8-bar grille, the 6-bar grille removes two slats from the earlier item and spaces out the remaining slats accordingly. Reducing the number of slats gives the grille a sportier look while still being classy. The metal and plastic pieces of the 6- and 8-bar grilles are not meant to be interchangeable.

6 vs 8 bar grille.PNG

The black car in the pic above has a 6-bar grille. The silver car behind it has an 8-bar grille. The difference isn't too obvious, but it's a subtle change with the 6-bar grille being the sportier-looking of the two.

Carbon Black Grille

Despite its name, the Carbon Black grille is not actually carbon fiber. Rather, it's a 6-bar grille that has been painted black. The Carbon Black moniker comes from the Carbon Black Edition car that originally featured the grille. It's now included as part of the Exterior Black Pack, along with black window trim and dark-chrome Zircotech exhaust tips, and it's also available on its own.

The pic below show what the 6-bar Carbon Edition grille (bottom) looks like compared to a standard 8-bar grille that was painted black (top):

Painted black 8-bar vs Carbon Black 6-bar.jpg

V12 Vantage S grille

Unlike the Carbon Black grille, the grille from the V12 Vantage S is actually carbon fiber. Well, mostly. The frame of the grille is carbon fiber, which overlays a mesh screen.


Although the V12 Vantage S grille is lighter than a slatted grille, it's still not the lightest option as the carbon fiber frame does add weight. The lightest grille option is the AMR lightweight grille, detailed below.

Amr lightweight grille

A truly lightweight piece, the AMR grille is a simple hex-pattern made of black plastic and weighs only half a pound. That's it.

AMR grille weight.jpg

It was designed to look similar to the Aston Martin Racing grille used on the GT3 race car (more on that one below). Aston Martin launched their new performance brand, AMR, with this grille as one of the options available for the limited-edition V8 Vantage AMR.

AMR grille.jpg

AMR was named after Aston Martin Racing, but they're two completely different things. If that wasn't confusing enough, there's also a grille available from Aston Martin Racing.

If you're looking for weight loss or a race car inspired look, then the AMR grille is a good way to go. There’s also an option for a hex-pattern lower mesh to match the AMR grille.

AMR Grille w Hex Lower Mesh 1.jpg

The lower mesh is made for the pre-facelift Vantage (MY05-10). It’s available for cars with front parking sensors (bottom, pic above), and without front parking sensors (middle, pic above). We also have them available in a package to save some cash.

Aston Martin Racing Grille

Not to be confused with the AMR grille, the Aston Martin Racing grille is an actual race car part. Though similar in general style, the two grilles are very different. The Aston Martin Racing grille has a diamond pattern and is made of metal wire. It has a cut-out slot on one side to allow a tow strap or tow ring to pass through.

Aston Martin Racing grille.jpg

DB9 grilles

There are only two options for the DB9: 7-bar and 5-bar slatted grilles. Like the Vantage, the original slatted grille was updated with a reduced slat count to give it a sportier look

Vanquish Grilles

The Vanquish S came with a grille very similar to that of the V12 Vantage S - it has a mesh screen surrounded by a carbon fiber screen.

Rapide Grilles

The Rapide launched with a front end layout similar to that of the Vantage, DB9, and DBS. It had a traditional slatted grille on the upper half of the nose, and a slightly narrower grille below. The Rapide S introduced one large grille to replace the upper and lower grilles of the original Rapide.