DB9 Oil Change

In some ways, this job is much easier on the DB9 than it is on the V8 Vantage. In other ways, it isn't. The DB9 uses a traditional wet sump oil system, so the process is far more simple on this engine than the V8 Vantage's dry sump. But the oil filter isn't in a location that's easy to access, so you'll have your work cut out for you.

DISCLAIMER: As always, follow all safety protocols. Don't undertake this task if you aren't comfortable with it and fully understand it. You are ultimately responsible for anything you do. Neither Redpants, LLC or myself is responsible or liable for anything that may occur.

DB9 Oil Change Package
0w40 Engine Oil
8mm socket
15mm socket
Ratchets for the above sockets
Small flat-head screwdriver
Oil filter wrench
Drain pan
Lots of paper towels or shop rags
An hour or two

Step 1
Raise the car off the ground using a lift or jack stands.

Step 2
Remove the oil cap from on top of the engine - this will allow the oil to drain smoothly from the oil pan.

Oil Cap.png

Place a drain pan under the drain plug, then use the ratchet and 15mm socket to remove the drain plug on the bottom of the engine. Discard the old drain plug. Once the oil has finished draining, clean the drain plug area and install the new drain plug.

Drain plug.png

Step 3
Use the small flat-head screwdriver to pop the clamp loose on the inlet tube going into the throttle body on the left-hand side of the engine (that's the driver's side for US cars). Then use the screwdriver to carefully separate the inlet tube from the throttle body.

Intake clamp.png

Step 4
Use the ratchet and 8mm socket to remove the four bolts holding the throttle body in place. Carefully set the throttle body to the side - you can do this while still leaving the electrical connector on the throttle body. Remove the o-ring from between the throttle body and intake manifold and discard it.

Throttle body bolts.png

Step 5
Use the ratchet and 8mm socket to remove the nut holding the aluminum pipe to the engine. This will allow you to move the aluminum pipe enough to get the oil filter out of the engine bay.

Oil change pic 05.png

Step 6
Prep the area below the oil filter by putting a bunch of towels, rags, paper towels, etc, between the oil filter and the steering rack beneath it. This will help reduce the mess you're about to make. Next, use the oil filter wrench to break loose the oil filter from the engine. Once broken loose, you can use your hand to spin it the rest of the way free.
NOTE: I recommend having a paper towel in your hand while you spin the oil filter free, as it will give you better grip on the oil filter - it'll be covered in oil.

Step 7
To remove the filter from the engine bay, put your finger into the hole in the center of the filter - there's a lip inside that will allow you to grip the filter with your index finger while pinching the outside with your thumb. This will be the best way to control the filter as you maneuver it out of the engine bay. As you bring it up toward the top of the engine, lift up on that aluminum pipe we freed by when we remove the 8mm nut in Step 5. Be patient and you'll work the filter out of the engine bay. Dump the remaining oil from the filter into your drain pan, then discard the old filter.

Step 8
Reassembly time!
-Put a tiny dab of oil on the thick rubber o-ring of the new oil filter, rub the oil around the o-ring to lubricate it, then install it.
-Reinstall the 8mm nut that held the aluminum pipe in place (Step 5).
-Put the new throttle body o-ring in place, then install the throttle body (Step 4).
-Put the inlet tube back on the throttle body and re-secure the clamp. Make sure the hose on the underside of the inlet is reconnected (Step 3.

Step 9
Fill the engine with oil! Make sure you check for leaks after putting the first liter or so into the engine, then proceed with the rest of the oil. Once finished, reinstall the oil cap.

All done!