Brake Mods 4: Fluid

[Under construction]

Brake fluid is a maintenance item that needs to be replaced regularly. It absorbs water over time, and that water turns to steam when heated, and steam compresses under pressure. If you're hard on the brakes and you have steam in the brake lines, it'll compress, preventing pressure from getting to the calipers and pads. That means the brake pedal will go to the floor and you won't have any braking power!

If you're not doing any track time, a normal brake fluid will be just fine. I recommend Motul DOT 5.1 for this. It's a very high quality fluid that's perfect for normal and spirited street driving.

If you need something that can handle the track, I recommend Motul RBF600. It's what I used for street and track duty in my grey V8 Vantage until I started using track-only pads for track duty.

When I switched to track-only pads, I also switched my brake fluid over to Motul RBF660.

(LOTS more to come)