Brake Caliper Removal

This isn't something you'd do too often to a car, but it's a task that can be handled by a weekend warrior with the right tools. I first did this on a DB9 because the owner of the car wanted to change the color of the brake calipers from black to copper.

You'll need to first jack the car off the ground, remove the wheels, and remove the brake pads before removing the calipers. Links to those guides are in Steps 1 and 2. Ensure you have the tools necessary 

DISCLAIMER: As always, follow all safety protocols. Don't undertake this task if you aren't comfortable with it and fully understand it. You are ultimately responsible for anything you do. Neither Redpants, LLC or myself is responsible or liable for anything that may occur.

11mm hose wrench
10mm hex bit with ratchet
Rubber vacuum caps
About a 2 hours (in total)

Step 1
Get the car on jack stands.

Step 2
Remove the brake pads.

Step 3
Use the 11mm hose wrench to loosen the brake hose from the backside of the brake caliper. Once it comes out of the caliper, put a vacuum cap on the end of the hose to keep it from dripping brake fluid.

Step 4
Use the 10mm hex bit and ratchet to loosen the two main bolts holding the caliper to the hub. Remove the bottom bolt and set it aside. The caliper will fall free when you remove the top bolt, so be ready to hold the caliper so it doesn't fall. With both bolts removed, you can pull the caliper off.

Step 5
epeat Step 4 for the other calipers.

And that's it! Reinstallation is the same process, in reverse. Do not forget to bleed your brake fluid when you reinstall the calipers!!