V8 Vantage Bluetooth Switcher Kit Replacement

DISCLAIMER: As always, follow all safety protocols. Don't undertake this task if you aren't comfortable with it and fully understand it. You are ultimately responsible for anything you do. Neither Redpants, LLC or myself is responsible or liable for anything that may occur.

There's a weird problem with the V8 Vantage where the speakers on one side of the car stop working. There are a couple bandaid solutions: You can have your passenger kick the footrest on their side of the car, or you can "shock" the sound system by cranking the volume really loud for a split second. That's... a weird pair of solutions, right?

Well, it turns out that the problem might be the Bluetooth switcher kit.

Still weird.

Here's a video of me discussing the module:

The Bluetooth switcher kit is behind a panel under the passenger footrest, which explains why kicking it can temporarily fix it. But replacing it is the only way to fix it for good. The part has been updated since the V8 Vantage was first produced, and the current part looks nothing like the original. The good news is that you can just connect the new one and leave it in place without removing the old one. If you want to remove the old one, you can do that, too. But be warned... it's a pain and probably isn't worth it. I'll cover both in the steps below.

Here are the old (left) and new (right) Bluetooth switcher kits:

Bluetooth Switcher Kit
T27 torx bit*
10mm deep socket
8mm socket
Extension (at least ~6-8")
Ratchet for the above*

*If you're leaving the original module in place, all you need is the torx bit and ratchet.

Step 1
Pull back the bottom carpet on the passenger side to expose the panel cover. Use the T27 torx bit and ratchet to remove the 7 bolts holding the cover in place.

Remove the cover and you'll see the Bluetooth switcher kit at the bottom of the opening. It's the green metal box.

Step 2
Unplug the Bluetooth switcher kit. The connector is on the right side.

Here is where things diverge
If you're fine leaving the old Bluetooth switcher kit in place:

  1. Plug in the new unit.
  2. Test your sound system to make sure it works.
  3. Use double-sided tape to mount the new unit in place (if you want).
  4. Put the cover back and secure it with the seven torx bits.
  5. Put the carpet back in place.

If you're removing the old Bluetooth switcher kit from the car...

Step 3
Pull back the carpet nearest the door to expose the two T27 torx bolts, then remove those bolts.

See how the metal panel goes under the white padding? It's glued in place. Removing the panel will tear the padding. I warned you!

Step 4
Pull back the carpet against the transmission tunnel to expose the 10mm nut. It faces up. Use the 10mm socket to remove it.

See that narrow strip of carpet? It's glued in place. You'll be unsealing the glue (the carpet will be fine) when you pull the panel out.

Step 5
Use the 10mm socket, long extension, and ratchet to remove the two 10mm nuts at the top side of the aluminum panel. You should have far fewer wires in this area than I have (I've got an aftermarket setup going on in there).

Step 6
Pull back the foam padding at the bottom of passenger foot area to expose the three torx bolts at the bottom edge of the panel. Use the T27 torx bit to remove them.

Step 7
If you want to remove the panel entirely, have at it. Remember that the side against the transmission tunnel had a nut that faced up, so you have to lift that side up as you pull it toward you. And don't forget where the carpet is glued into place there, and the white pad on the other side.

NOTE: I didn't remove the panel. Instead of removing it, I pulled up on it while moving the ratchets into place - working the ratchets below the panel allowed me to remove the two bolts holding the module without actually removing the panel.

Either way, use the deep 10mm socket to remove the bolt on the right side, and use the 8mm socket to remove the bolt on the left side. Now you can pull out the original Bluetooth switcher kit.

Step 8
Plug in the new Bluetooth switcher kit. Test your audio system to make sure it works. Fasten the new module in place if you want - I used double-sided tape. You can use that, or zipties, or just let it sit there. Your call.

Step 9
Put everything back together:

  • Put the panel back in place and re-secure it with the 10mm nuts and T27 torx bolts.
  • Put the cover back in place and re-secure it with the T27 torx bolts.
  • Put the bottom piece of foam and various pieces of carpet back in place.

Great success!