Closing Up Shop (Temporarily)

This should be quick, so don’t worry about me babbling like I usually do.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’m running off to Japan for a journey of self-rediscovery which means Redpants will be closed from November 8 to 20, 2018. Any orders received starting on November 8th will ship once I get back.

Aston Installations is now my distributor in the UK. If you’re over there and are interested in Redpants’ products, contact them as they’ll probably be able to better serve you due to shipping cost and time. We’re still setting up a bunch of stuff and they’re still building their website, so they may not have everything in stock just yet. If you want a Redpants product that isn’t listed on their website, let them know and we’ll get them set up as quickly as possible for you.

Speaking of Aston Installations, we’re working on doing another Tech Day. We’re trying to plan it for April out in California. Our first one was a great success, and we think this one will be even better given the lessons we learned from it.

I’ll be selling my red V8 Vantage project car when I get back from Japan. It’ll have a ton of maintenance done so you’ll be getting a car with a clean slate. There are a couple outstanding issues that I haven’t gotten a chance to fix, and I’ll be covering those and options for the buyer. For example, the ski slope needs to be replaced. There are a few options available from Aston Martin, so I’ll be sourcing the buyer’s choice for replacement at below cost if they choose to replace it. I’ll be making a detailed list of items to consider so the buyer knows what they’re buying.

I’ve been slowly rolling out changes to the website to make things more organized and easier to navigate. The first thing is the V8 Vantage DIY Table of Contents. It acts as an overview for what services need to be performed, and each item takes you to the DIY job itself.

I’m still adding more DIY guides so you’ll see new ones popping up as I get to them. Same with product listings in the online store. I’ll be trying to carry a wider range of things to make maintenance and modification of your Aston Martin that much easier.

And last note, again, thank you all so much for the support you’ve been giving me, especially lately with everything that’s been happening in my personal life.