Disrupted Operations and New Carbon Fiber Stuff

I’m way behind on things due to orders coming in without shipping applied to them and didn’t want to have to do a blog post today so I could get other things done, so this is going to be really quick.

Disrupted Operations

Please do NOT use the Shipping Quote option during checkout unless specifically instructed to do so in a product listing! A bunch of people have used it and it's created a mess for me to get the orders sorted, causing delays in getting other orders sent out.

Some changes behind the scenes at a couple of my suppliers have caused delays getting restocked. I thought it'd be hurricane Dorian (which is not coming to Tampa) but it turned out to be the suppliers that brought about the slow flow of inventory. I've got TONS of stuff coming in and will be carrying much higher levels of inventory going forward, so hopefully this won't be an issue down the road.

New Product Listings

I've added the carbon fiber version of the Cobra Nogaro lightweight seats. These weigh less and are slightly more rigid than the standard GRP version. I also changed the listings to explain some options a little better, and added those options to the customization form that you're prompted with when you add the seats to your cart in the online store. I've made a Cobra Seats information page to add further explanations about the seats and options available for them.

The seats aren't the only carbon fiber I added to the store - I've begun working with a company called ECPS and made the first listings for their products! ECPS is a family-owned business that makes incredible carbon fiber products. I added a Carbon Fiber section to the online store to make it easier to find those products and I'm still in the processes of adding more of the parts from ECPS. I’m also putting together an information page so you can learn more about the company and the people behind it.

The products from ECPS and Cobra require a shipping quote, so please use the Shipping Quote option during checkout when ordering those items.