Carbon Fiber Goodness

Not too long ago I announced my partnership with ECPS to start selling their carbon fiber parts in the US. As with just about everything I sell, I was first in line to get their products and use them myself. The first round of parts I chose are two items I’ve been wanting for years: door bars and door sill scuff plates.

Door bars and sills.jpg

I’ve long been building my grey 2007 V8 Vantage with weight loss in mind. Reducing weight is one of the best ways to improve overall performance of a vehicle and there are plenty of ways to shed weight in an Aston without ruining the car. Although it comes with plenty of benefits, weight loss is an expensive pursuit. No one item will result in a huge difference - it’s incremental - but the weight reductions do add up and over time it results in a fantastic transformation.

The carbon fiber door bars from ECPS each weigh about 1.5 lbs less than the OEM ones.

Door bar weight comparison.png

The ECPS door bars don’t accommodate the lining on the backside of the door bar, so the weight loss between the two is slightly more than shown on the scale, thus the 1.5 lb difference instead of 1.3 lbs. Let’s not split hairs.

The door sill scuff plates had a larger weight difference with each ECPS piece being just over 2 lbs lighter than the originals.

Door sill scuff plate weight comparison.png

Altogether, I dropped just over 7 lbs from my car. While that may not seem like much (and isn’t much on its own), it adds to an already-lengthy list of items that have resulted in a massive 170+ lbs of weight loss. I’ve got more things to do, including a set of Cobra Nogaro seats that I expect to drop another 50 lbs or more, and there’s a definite benefit that can be felt when driving my car.

Not only do I get the performance benefits of the weight loss, I also like the look of it, too. I’m a huge fan of matte finishes on carbon fiber, whether it comes from dry carbon or matte coating. I think it adds a subtle, sporty look.

Finished carbon.jpg

The door sill scuff plates are super easy to install, needing only a screwdriver, Allen key, and five minutes.

Removing and reinstalling door bars is also really easy, needing only the Allen key and about the same amount of time. However, swapping over the latch from one door bar to another is a bit of a pain. I cover the trick to doing it in the DIY guide for that job. While difficult, I love the end result and I’m very glad I finally did it after so long!

If you’re interested in ECPS’s carbon fiber parts, please check out the Carbon Fiber section of the Redpants online store. These are often made to order and ship directly from ECPS to the customer so please choose the “Shipping Quote” option during checkout - I’ll send over a quote for shipping and the order will process as soon as that’s paid. The whole process from ordering to delivery is pretty quick. I had my parts in less than two weeks, including shipping time.