I'm... I'm Really Excited

A lot has been happening and is still continuing to happen. I’ve been working ungodly hours but it’s with a goal in mind and things are paying off. It's been a mad rush lately... lately? Ha! That's just the norm now.

I've got a few really awesome projects going on right now that are going to result in some cool products. One of the new ones is a Dash Cam Installation Kit to make installing a dash cam in your Aston Martin a clean job. It's plug-and-play so there isn’t any cutting or splicing or anything like that. I've got prototypes for another product shipping out to a tester this week, which will be for the DB11 and New Vantage and will address a complaint quite a few of you have asked me to solve. Another really cool thing is through testing and the first production set is being made for me right now. As soon as pricing is finalized I'll announce what it is... I know, such a tease. Speaking of teasing, the supercharger kits are still coming along and I appreciate everyone's patience waiting for them.

I've made a new DIY guide, this one for removing the inner door cards. This guide is useful for a few things so it'll likely be referenced in several articles. I just filmed a video drilling holes into one of my tail lights and that will be uploaded to the Redpants YouTube channel soon. Spoiler alert: my tail lights are too far gone so I'm going to be getting some fancy new ones.

The thing I'm most happy with is the video I've just uploaded.

Evan did an amazing job on the video and I love the direction he went with it, and he managed to do that without any real plan. Our first video was a DIY guide for replacing a windshield washer fluid reservoir. The video he made turned out great, so I asked if he wanted to cover an event. We went to Festivals of Speed in St Pete, and basically just winged it. Not having a plan let us see what our natural approaches would be to making videos. That turned out great, too, so I asked if he wanted to go to England.

It was our first time making a video outside of our immediate area and, again, we decided to wing it to see how it’d go and holy crap, I love how it turned out. We did three videos in England: two product spotlight videos for GMR and Aston Installations, and the Unzipped video.

Wait, no… five videos. We also did two installation overviews for Aston Installations’ infotainment upgrade kits. Yeah, that three-day trip to England was brutal.

We couldn’t have made the video without our partners, GMR and Aston Installations, or our sponsors, Butlers of Cheltenham and AKIN Gear. A massive Thank You to all of them for the support. GMR (soon) and Aston Installations (currently) products are available in the Redpants online store. If you want a wonderful English bed & breakfast experience, contact Paul at Butlers - and do not skip breakfast. Nic at AKIN Gear is an Aston guy and started his shoe company to offer reasonably-priced driving sneakers that can be worn for carving canyons in a car or strolling casually through town on foot. I’ve been wearing the SHIFT shoes for a while now - including all my travels this year - and I love them. A full long-term review is coming soon on Redpants Unzipped.

AKIN Gear black.jpg

A word about sponsors: I will not sell something I don’t believe in. Even if something is offered for free or if I’d be paid for it, I wouldn’t accept a sponsorship or advertisement if I know I wouldn’t recommend it to you guys. I’m a fan of both Butlers and AKIN Gear, which is why I’m working with them, so please check out their offerings if you’re in the market for either. Supporting them supports Redpants!

Getting back to the title of this blog post, the reason I’m so excited is that I’ve invested so much blood, sweat, tears, time, money, and health to build up something I am passionate about. Redpants has been doing very well - better than I can manage at this point - and I’m finally making meaningful progress on Redpants Unzipped. Seeing the fruits of all that labor start to ripen has been such a wonderful feeling and what’s happening right now is just a taste of things to come.

I couldn’t do this without the support of all of you - and if you’re reading this then I’m talking directly to you. So thank you so, so much. And keep checking in because some seriously awesome things are about to happen!