Late Night Updates

It’s exactly 1am as I start to type this so hopefully it goes smoothly! I’m trying to do a bunch of stuff all at once - including laundry and packing - so bear with me as it’s going to be a bit unstructured and somewhat random.

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for the absolutely incredible support that you’ve all given me over the last week. From the one-on-one conversations with people at the AMOC event last weekend to the messages and emails from people that reached out… I’m at a loss for words. Seriously, thank you all so much.

If you haven’t yet read my last blog post, please do - especially the end portion about the missing emails. I’m going back through tons of emails that I’ve gotten in the last couple months to make sure my responses were actually delivered (I went through well over 100 emails today and sent off a few dozen, plus several phone calls… not including dealing with my “grown up” job… it’s been a nice and productive day).

I added options for the V12 Vantage to the listings for oil change packages, 2-year service packages, and performance 2-year service packages. The filters for the V12 Vantage are different than those for the DB9 and DBS, and I do have both types in stock and ready to ship. I also tweaked the product listings to clarify that the DB9 and DBS packages were the same and work for both cars (I originally only listed the DB9).

I’ve set up a drop-ship method so I can start shipping large items directly from a few of my suppliers in Europe. This is going to allow me to relist items I used to offer, and cut down on shipping costs for large and heavy items as well. You should see new listings popping up in my online store in the near future.

Quick heads-up: I ran out of rear R4-S brake pads earlier today and I’m waiting for new inventory to arrive. I have these made specifically for me so they usually take a couple of weeks.

Many of you saw that I was just in England working with GMR and Aston Installations. The product spotlight videos for each company’s offerings are almost done and I’ll have those uploaded to my YouTube chanenel soon.

I’ve finalized pricing with Aston Installations for their installation packages:

  • CarPlay or Android Auto: $1695

  • add front camera only: +$510 ($2205 total)

  • add rear camera only: +$215 ($1910 total)

  • add both front and rear cameras: +$705 ($2400 total)

Each package includes everything needed for installation. Installing the rear camera, for example, requires one of the tail lamps to be removed - I include new seals for re-installation of the tail lamp when ordering the rear camera.

The installation packages will be ready to order soon, and I’ll be creating product listings for them when they’re ready to start shipping. We’re also working on installation guides so any shop can do the job. That’s right, you guys won’t have to wait for us to come to your area to do the job!

Last thing… because of all the travel and changes I’m making, I’ve been running lean levels of inventory. I’m getting restocked on things but don’t be surprised if I run low on a few things here and there for the next couple of weeks (looking at you, brake pads and cabin filters).

Last unrelated thing that’s entirely relevant: the sunset picture I used for this post was one I’d taken a while back. I used to leave work at sunset and head home to take care of Redpants. A few months ago I transitioned my job into an evening shift, so I no longer get to see the sunset. It gave me more time to run Redpants during the day, but it’s been absolute hell trying to manage Redpants and my normal job at the same time, but it’s really damn close to paying off. The sunset picture reminded me of that.

Okay, that’s it. I need to be up in 4 hours so I can make my flight…