Closed for Canada

I’m sitting here drinking a cup of coffee - the first I’ve been able to stomach in three full weeks - and dealing with a dozen things all at once… pretty much how every day is. I’m trying to wrap up a bunch of stuff to get ready for a trip to Canada. I’ve got a super-early departure from Tampa and three flights later I’ll be landing in Victoria, BC, for an AMOC event. I’ve mentioned it before but if you haven’t seen it, here’s the event flyer.


I’ll be leaving ridiculously early tomorrow and getting back super late on Monday. It’ll be another whirlwind weekend, but should be my last for a while. After this, I’ll finally be able to breathe again and have some weekends free to get a ton of backlogged content finished and uploaded to Redpants and Redpants Unzipped.

Since I’ll be gone for four days, Redpants will be closed during that time. Any orders received after noon on July 25 will ship on July 30th.

New Inventory Arriving

As many of you probably noticed, I ran low or ran out of quite a few products over the last couple weeks. I explained why in a recent blog post (TLDR: I carried lean inventory to prepare for an expected relocation, then got wicked sick and couldn’t function so the dwindling parts supply on the shelf didn’t get replenished). Shipments have been arriving and will continue to keep arriving to not only refill the shelves, but also increase the inventory levels I carry and add new parts to what I have available for immediate shipment. Things are still selling nearly as quickly as I can get them in so it’ll be another week or two before things stabilize, but the lack of shipment-ready inventory is already being sorted.

One of the products included in this are the infotainment upgrades from Aston Installations. The first batch of inventory is arriving soon and pre-orders will ship as soon as it does (I’m expecting to start shipping to customers next week). These kits are first-come first-served, so pre-orders will be filled first and foremost. As inventory comes in I’ll be able to start keeping them on the shelf for immediately shipment like I do most of the products I carry, but our first priority is filling the initial demand. I’m in the process of creating installation guides and hope to have those uploaded to Redpants in the next couple weeks.

For more information about the infotainment upgrades from Aston Installations, check out this video:

Another big thing I’m working on is bringing GMR’s incredible supercharger kits to North America. We’re sorting some details to make it happen, including legal, logistical, and pricing, and once that’s finished we should be able to move forward with selling the kits on this side of the pond. I’m expecting a little delay to begin shipping to customers as we’ll need to get inventory sorted, same as I’m currently doing with Aston Installations, but these things are going to be worth the wait!

If you want more information on the supercharger kits, check out my GMR Info Page. I’ve got a review of their development car on Redpants Unzipped that I wrote after my first time driving the car. I went back to England a year later to drive the car again, this time taking a videographer with me so we could share more information about the kits. Here’s the video we made:

In addition to superchargers and infotainment upgrades, there are a few more things I’m working on behind the scenes, and those will be announced when they get closer to completion.

The last thing worth mentioning is that I’ve set up a means of shipping large items from various suppliers in England and Europe directly to my customers. This will allow me to re-list items that I stopped selling due to shipping constraints, costs, and logistics on my end. Things like V12 hood conversations, updated side sills, and various other large or heavy items will be returning to the storefront soon. I need to make sure the shipping system integrated into my online store can support this before I activate those listings, but it’s in the works.

That’s it for now and as always, thank you for the ongoing support! And thank you to everyone that’s asked or commented about my health. I’m still dealing with some unpleasant symptoms and not 100%, but overall I’m much better, I have an appetite and I’m able to eat, and I can function again.

Oh, and the blog post cover pic was one I took during a rally to Niagara Falls I did a couple years ago. I figured it’d be appropriate to use here, because Canada.