Some Updates and Things

A couple days ago I wrote a blog post about where I’d been since the 4th of July. Yesterday I got a call from the Florida Department of Health with an update. In addition to the bacterial infection scattered throughout my intestines, one of the tests I’d taken also came back positive for a nasty parasite called Cryptosporidium.

The irony of calling that blog post “It’s laughable” is not lost on me when a couple days later I was told that the very bad thing I’d been dealing with was actually worse than I’d thought. Ha. Ha. Ha. Okay, can I please go on with a normal, healthy, functioning life? Please? This isn’t funny anymore.

Thanks so much to those of you that reached out to wish me well, it was incredibly kind of you and did help me feel better in that regard. I still feel like hell, but I’m at least able to eat again and I am doing noticeably better than I was last week.

PS: No, I haven’t named the parasite.

Order Fulfillment

I recently mentioned that I was low on a bunch of stuff due to inventory selling out while I was traveling and near-dying. It didn’t help that I was already running lean stock levels to prepare for a potential relocation from Florida to Washington, DC.

I’ve got tons of stuff coming in from a half-dozen suppliers that will be arriving in the next few days, so I’m adding those counts to the website so people can order what they need. Just keep in mind that some things may take an extra couple days to ship if the inventory needed for the order hasn’t yet landed with me.

Items that may be delayed include things like 4.3L oil change kits, cabin filters, 2-year service packages, and rear R4-S brake pads. Some of this will be ready to ship within a day, some stuff will be delayed until early next week.

Product Listings

I’ve added a new listing for trunk lid bumpstops to my online store. I’ve had these sitting on a shelf for a couple of months and realized I’ve never actually listed them for sale. Woops.

I also added options for the DB7 to my Porterfield R4-S listing. Note the rear pads can differ depending on what VIN your DB7 has, so please check your car before ordering to make sure you get the correct pads.

Speaking of the DB7, I’ll be adding more products for those cars soon. I’ve got maintenance items on the way and will be keeping those in stock moving forward. I’ll update listings for those parts once I have the items on the shelf.

I’ve also added a listing for Aston Installations products, which are now available to pre-order. All we’re doing at this point is getting inventory sorted and sent my way so I’m expecting orders to start shipping in the next couple of weeks. I’m still working on the installation guides and those will be uploaded once ready.

This is My Year…?

I just scrolled through a couple folders of pics on my computer looking for an image to use for this blog post. I came across this one from my trip to Japan back in January, which I ended up using.

Year of the pig.jpg

I included that picture as part of a blog post that is still one of my favorite things I’ve written, and seeing the picture in a folder reminded me of it. The post was about how much I’ve gone through but still having my head held high, no matter how hard it is to hold it there. It’s just as meaningful now, half a year later, as it was then.

I’m having to constantly remind myself that I’m almost there. All the time and money I invest and reinvest into Redpants is going to pay off soon. All the stress and anxiety, the unbearable slogging through the day-to-day life I’ve been living will ease off so I can breathe again. The futility of trying to do the work of a team all on my own, while also working a full-time job, will no longer be a soul-crushing struggle.

Sitting here, still wrecked by sickness, I force myself to remember that this is my year and big things are about to happen.