It's Laughable at this Point

A couple of you know that I’ve been very sick since the 4th of July. Basically, very late on the 3rd (so technically, early on the 4th), I wrote a blog post with a variety of updates. I then got a few hours of sleep, then boarded a plane to go to Washington, DC.

The trip to DC had a few goals. First was to spend time with a friend - neither of us do fireworks very well after our respective tours in Iraq, and we planned to build a pillow fort stocked with enough wine to get through the night. Yes, I understand the irony of going to the epicenter of Independence Day celebrations in an attempt to get through Independence Day celebrations. Ah yes, for the non-Americans, the 4th of July was our Independence Day, which is marked by huge fireworks shows around the USA. Aside from that, we’d also be going to see an awesome 90s cover band called White Ford Bronco and seeing a Cirque du Soleil show in Baltimore.

Second, I’d be meeting with a buddy of mine who has a business in northern Virginia, just outside of DC. He and I had talked a while back about him doing fulfillment for me and we were going to discuss that more in-depth and lay the groundwork for it to happen…

Because, and this ties into the third reason I went to DC, I was going to be looking for places to live while there that weekend and I’d need to completely redo the way Redpants is structured when I relocated from Florida to DC. For the relocation to work, I’d need a fulfillment center, one that I could be directly involved with rather than just hope for the best. I have a habit of making plans on plans on plans so that if anything happens, I usually have some semblance of a plan that can be worked into whatever is needed to deal with the thing. I was going to spend a large chunk of the 4th of July weekend looking at apartments, checking out neighborhoods, and looking into the various specifics of what I’d need to be happy there.

None of that happened.

I landed in DC and my friend picked me up. We had lunch. I got violently sick.

I was taken to the hospital on Saturday. They pumped two liters of something into me because of how dehydrated I was. They took five vials of blood. They gave me some antibiotics, and then released me. I barely improved before flying back home on Monday. During the next several days, not much changed except for my body. I could barely eat or drink, and rarely kept down anything more than a couple bites of dry toast so I was dehydrated again and losing weight at an alarming pace. I had other, um, symptoms… but those are rather disgusting and I don’t think anyone wants those details.

The next Saturday I was taken back to the hospital. Two more liters of fluid into my veins, more vials of blood out. This time they also did X-rays, CT scans, and a variety of other tests. The CT scans showed I had bacterial infections scattered throughout my intestines. At the end of a very long, horrible day (even horrible compared to the previous week), I was released with more medicines and returned home.

Today is the first day I’ve felt well enough to look at a computer screen since the 4th of July. Since then I’ve only gotten out of bed to make offerings to the porcelain god or get a small nibble of food. I’ve been in-and-out of consciousness just about the entire time I’ve been sick. I think the longest stint I was awake was maybe three hours.

The whole thing is laughable because it was my one last trip to get things sorted before making some really major changes in my life - both personally and for Redpants. And then I got laid out for a week and a half. No plans have been made, nothing was accomplished, and I am once again hopelessly behind on emails. (I did have someone come in and take care of orders while I was sick, so hopefully those aren’t an issue. If so, please let me know.)

Maybe it was the delirium, but at one point I woke up and decided I didn’t want to move back to the Washington, DC, area. Especially not within DC itself. The major factors like cost of living, tax burdens, and the difficulty of reestablishing and running Redpants there were entirely against the relocation. But then there were the little things, too, like the unnecessary, hostile, political comments slipped so casually into conversation over a dinner table. The reminders that DC is, after all, the center of politics in the US and I seriously hate politics. I was reminded how so many people just feel the need to inject their feelings and commentary about politics into conversations that have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Between all the factors in support of me staying in Florida and my absolute loathing of politics, I’ve decided to call off my plans to move back up north. I’ll be staying in Florida.

As for my health, today’s the best I’ve felt since I first got sick 11 days ago, though that doesn’t say much. I’m extremely short on energy but I should be able to get some stuff done today. Hopefully the upward trend continues and by this weekend, I’ll be back to normal and getting ahead.

I’m about to start uploading some videos from my trip to England onto YouTube, so stay tuned for those if you haven’t already seen them by the time you read this.