So.... So.... Busy....

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because It’s just after midnight on a Saturday and I’ve been working nonstop all day and just want to get some updates out there. It’s par for the course lately… I’ve been working 13-14 hours a day for the last couple weeks. I’ve taken on additional responsibilities at my day job so I’m basically on the clock all day every day with that, Redpants, and my day job itself.

Saying “day job” isn’t all that accurate, though. I’ve shifted my hours to 2pm-10pm so I can better handle things with Redpants during the morning and early afternoon. That means I’m up in the morning and start working on Redpants, then get some contract proposal work done, then go to my “day” job until 10pm. All I do is work and… uh… that’s my life now.

I’ve managed to get through the majority of emails that pile up in my inbox but if I’ve missed yours, please feel free to send it again. It’s a constant struggle to keep on top of them but I do try to answer every email that comes in.

Okay, moving on.

Redpants Tech Day - Austin 2019

The Redpants Tech Day in Austin is nearly here! If you haven't signed up yet, please do!

If you're on the fence about getting an installation, DO IT!! It makes the cars far more livable and usable for not much money. Remember, the pricing for installations includes parts and labor, so there aren't any hidden or additional costs. You get modern technology in your Aston, and it makes the car entirely better. Modern navigation makes travel a breeze, having access to all your music makes the drive that much more pleasant, and having cameras so you don't curb your front or rear bumpers makes taking your beloved Aston out a stress-free affair. Since having everything installed in my car last year, I couldn't imagine going back to not having it.

It’s EXTREMELY difficult to get the guys from Aston Installations over here because of how busy they are back home, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Updates in the Online Store

I realized I have a bunch of stuff that I started stocking but never created listings for in the Online Store. I've added those listings, most of which are for various fasteners, but also for V12 thermostats. I've also updated pricing for a bunch of items. Most were incremental increases, but a few were drastic. There were significant price increases for V8 coil packs and V8 Vantage front valances. A couple prices did come down a little, too.

A major change I've made is that I've excluded the Redpants lightweight lugnuts and TPMS Defeats from the BC Forged wheel listings. Those items are still available, of course, but I separated them from the wheels to give people more flexibility in ordering and lower the price of the wheels for those that don't want or need them. I also revamped the wheel listings a bit and included links to my BC Forged info page.