Tech Day Delay

Due to a supply delay, the parts needed to do installations for the upcoming Redpants Tech Day in Austin won't be ready in time for the planned dates and we've had to push things back a few weeks to the weekend of May 18-19. Everything else is staying the same: the rally, installations, etc, will all be taking place as planned, the only difference is the weekend of the event. I've updated the Tech Day event page and already sent emails out to everyone that has already submitted a signup form. I apologize for any inconvenience the date change may have caused, but it's entirely necessary. This event is being funded by installations - there's no point in James and Lenny closing down Aston Installations for a week and incurring a bunch of travel expenses so they can come to the US if we don't have the parts necessary to do the installations that fund the trip and their absence from work to begin with.

An odd but fortuitous result of the scheduling change is that it has led to at least one more Tech Day being planned in the near future and another being planned for not long after that. Once I've gotten plans for those in place, I'll make announcements for them.

Other Stuff

I've changed a few listings in my online store to reflect changes and updates to a few products, and added listings for a couple more.

I've stopped selling Aston Martin spark plugs. Instead, I'm selling Jaguar spark plugs. Why? Because it's literally the exact same part, all the way down to the spark plug markings. The only difference is the box they come in. Well, that and the price difference - it's now $60 less to change the spark plugs in your V8 Vantage.

The price for the VelocityAP lightweight flywheel and V12 clutch package has been reduced by several hundred dollars. This was made possible by a change in how the flywheel is manufactured. It's now a two-piece design that is far less expensive to make than the previous one-piece design, making an already fantastic product that much better.

I’ve managed to get more Motul coolant in stock! It’s in limited quantities at the moment, so once it’s gone I can’t give a restock date. Get it while you can! If you missed my previous announcement for it, a change to federal labeling requirements forced Motul to stop shipping the coolant to the US market. The coolant hasn’t changed, just the labeling has - no issues with the coolant itself and it’s still the same great stuff I’ve used in my grey V8 Vantage and advocated for years.

If you subscribe to the Redpants YouTube channel, you've probably seen that I recently uploaded a new video (FINALLY!!) showing how to swap out windshield washer tanks. I've also embedded that video in a DIY Guide, and made a product listing so you can buy a new washer tank. It's probably obvious that the video quality is better than anything else I've uploaded. I've got a videographer helping me out now, which means I'll be able to make more videos more easily and they'll be better quality than I'd be able to do on my own.

The next video we're shooting is actually going to be an event. Sunday we'll be at Festivals of Speed in St Pete, FL. It's an event I attended last year, displaying both my grey and [now-sold] red V8 Vantages. It's a fun event to participate in, but this year I'm just attending as a spectator so I don't have to stay for the whole thing - the fire marshal requires show participants to leave their cars parked in the show until the event is over, so there's no leaving before 4pm. Anyway, we will be there doing some filming, and I'll be doing a write-up as well. The video and article will both be featured on Redpants Unzipped.