It's been a hectic week and I wanted to touch base with everyone real quick.

Family First

I'm still getting caught up on emails I received while my parents were visiting. It was the first time I've seen them in three years and was great to spend time with them. I tried to stay offline while they were here so I only got to a couple emails during their visit. That means I've got a mountain to get through, and I'm still working on getting through them. A bunch of them that I received acknowledged my parents' visit, so thank you guys for your patience and understanding that spending time with my parents was my main priority.

Parents in Tampa.jpg

Red V8 Vantage is Sold

I haven't had a chance to update the project car page for the red V8 Vantage I sold last week. I'm going to keep the page alive and finish it (....eventually) so it can be a resource for others, but I'll at least update it enough to say "Sold" rather than being for sale.

A Helping Hand

Those of you that have followed Redpants for a while were likely aware that my ex had been helping me run things. Since her departure, I've been doing things entirely on my own. I've gotten both my personal and business finances back on steady footing now that the dust has settled, so I'm able to bring someone on board to help out with packaging and shipping orders again. This will help ensure orders are going out promptly and will free up a bunch of my time so I can answer emails more quickly. It'll also mean there won't be shipping delays when I'm out of town, so you guys won't have to wait a week or two each time I run from my problems. And, the time it frees up will allow me to better handle custom orders, like for items that aren't listed in my online store. These can be very time consuming, so they've been taking a while for me to sort out for people within my over-packed schedule.

The new person won't be answering emails - just doing packaging and shipping - so there shouldn't be any lapses in communication from the three-way connection like there had been in the past.

With the new person taking a bunch of weight off my shoulders, it'll help reduce my workload so I can go back to creating content (I have sooo many DIY, information, and modification guides to post). Not only is it helping with Redpants as an operation, it will also help reduce my stress and allow me to go back to taking care of myself. The 16+ hour work days are starting to take their toll and this help is coming just in time before I hit my breaking point, which was imminent. So that's good.

I'm also bringing on an editor and a videographer, which will mostly be for Redpants Unzipped but will still have a positive impact on Redpants if sales continue to go well.

Sale Ending

I'd mentioned at one point that I had a sale going in my online store while I was away on my last trip to Japan. During that trip, I ended up running out of a few items that take time to restock, so I said I'd keep the sale going until the new inventory arrived. Well, it's here, so the sale is ending. The inventory actually arrived a few days ago but I've been too busy to even open the boxes. But the time has come to end the sale, which is set for 11:59pm EST tomorow (Friday, 1 March 2019). If something with a sale price is listed as sold out, please contact me to let me know that you want to buy it so I can honor that sale price when the item is back in stock.

Redpants Tech Day - Austin

Thank you to everyone that has contacted me about the Tech Day in Austin on April 28th. (And thank you to those asking for Tech Days elsewhere!) The last major piece of the puzzle is pricing, which I know a lot of you are waiting for. As soon as I have it, I'll be publishing it along with signup forms for installations, specific event details, and everything you need to know to attend.

Redpants Tech Day signs.jpg

I'll have a form to fill out for everyone wanting an installation. This will include information about you, your car, your interests, and your availability. We'll need to know about your car and installation interests so James and Lenny know what to bring from England for your car. We'll need to know your availability because we'll be on a tight timeframe - these guys are shutting down shop back home and coming all the way from England to be here, so we need to ask for some flexibility. Some installations will be on the weekend, the rest will need to be on weekdays. We're going to do our best to fit everyone in while the guys are in town, of course. And then, *sigh* no rest for the wicked... James and Lenny will be heading to Tampa for a couple days and then to NYC for a day or two after that. They'll have very limited availability in each of those places and we apologize in advance to those of you they can't fit in.

The price list, schedules, and sign-up forms will be up this weekend!

Okay, that’s it for now… back to emails…