A Few Random Things

I’m not sure how to tie all this together, so enjoy the segue-free cobbling together of updates.

Aston Installations’ James Hawkes-Reed is in Town

It’s probably too late for James to accept any additional cars for Infotainment Upgrade installations but you can still swing by and meet him while he’s here in Tampa this weekend. I’m hosting a get-together at my house so people can come and meet each other and meet me and James as well. It’s on Saturday, October 5th, at 4pm. If you’re interested, please send me an email so I can give you my address! It’ll be very informal, just a chance to hang out and meet in person - an especially rare one if you want to meet James given he’s coming over from England! I’ll provide food and beverages so you don’t even need to bring anything.

Shipping Options

Please DO NOT USE THE SHIPPING QUOTE OPTION during checkout unless specifically instructed by me directly to you, or by the shipping notes in a product listing. This will be more expensive than using the automated shipping options (USPS and UPS) and it will take much longer to get your order fulfilled.

The Shipping Quote option does come up first. There’s nothing I can do about that because they’re automatically sorted by price and that option defaults to $0.00. I have to have that shipping option because a number of items require it, including some popular products. It’s a shortcoming of the e-commerce platform and I am in the process of moving to a new platform to fix it (among other things). Until then, please DO NOT use the Shipping Quote option unless you are specifically instructed to do so by myself or a product listing.

DB11 and New Vantage Brake Pads are in Stock!

The new Porterfield R4-S brake pads are now in stock for the DB11 and New Vantage!! A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about the new pads. Check it out for more information about how these differ from stock as there are some key differences in design and performance. They aren’t bad differences, just a couple things to be aware of so you know what to expect.

These pads are for cars that have iron brake rotors, not CCM/carbon rotors. I have looked into making pads for carbon rotors but it isn’t something I’ll be able to do at this time.

We Made a Fun Video

A friend of mine was visiting from Japan so we had a little fun making a new kind of video. It was unscripted and generally unstructured - we just wanted to film some stuff and slap it together to see how the format would work, what kind of potential the content has, and how we’d want to do things moving forward if we continue making videos like this.

Obviously there’s lots of room for improvement and I’ve got a list of notes for how I want to do the next one, but let me know what you think of this kind of content! The Redpants Unzipped video we made a couple months ago during our trip to England to visit Aston Installations and GMR was the same sort of thing - a new format for a different type of content. For the England video, it was about travel and events plus meeting a couple of my suppliers so you guys could get to know them a bit better. For this new video, it was thinking outside the box for a video about how we use our cars and live with them each day. It also gave us an excuse to eat a bunch of phenomenal steak.

If you’re interested in trying some A5 wagyu for yourself, please use this referral link. If you click that link and make a purchase, you’ll get a discount on your first order with Crowd Cow and I’ll get a credit to buy more meat. Everyone wins! As I mentioned in the video, Crowd Cow was not a sponsor. It’s a service that I use myself and that I really like. I get my wagyu from them, plus sausages and chicken wings and other things from time to time. I tried another meat delivery service (one of the most popular on the internet) and the food showed up warm and spoiled due to poor packaging. I’ve never had that issue with Crowd Cow, plus their products and customer service are great, so I’m a happy customer. (Quick note: Crowd Cow is only available in the US.)

On a related note, a HUGE THANK YOU for the wonderfully generosity offered in the comments and emails for my last blog post about starting an alternative means of support. I was able to pay Evan with steak in this latest video, but I have to pay him out of pocket for the DIY videos plus I have to cover all of his expenses whenever we travel. Needless to say, it gets really expensive really quickly, and the only reason I can afford it right now is because I’m working a full-time “real” job while also running Redpants. To get back to making DIY videos, I’ll need to find ways to pay him and the offers of support will go a very long way toward making that happen!

Inventory Counts and Product Availability

I’ve been ramping up the amount of inventory I have on the shelves to keep up with the increasing demand. Even so, some things are slow to get in - brake pads and catch cans being notoriously slow to get as they’re made to order for me based on my specs. I’m still pumping every bit of money I get from sales into more inventory, though, so availability delays will get shorter and shorter and hopefully go away altogether. If you’re waiting for something that’s delayed, thank you for your patience!

I also have a couple new products that are nearly ready and I’ll be announcing those once I have them in hand. One is about to start production and the other is getting set up for it.

The GMR supercharger kits are getting closer to being ready, too! The last few details should be sorted soon and I’ve got an update ready to post once I have that all-important final bit of information you all have been asking for: pricing. Trust me, I’m as excited and eager to get my kit as you are to get one yourself!