New Products and Promotions

As most of you know, I don’t do sales very often. It’s very rare as it takes a bunch of work to set up and I don’t have the margins or volume necessary to support the discounts. That said, I do sometimes have promotions going on that I mention in blog posts but I’m sure not too many people read those. So to make things a bit easier, I’ve created a Promotions section that will contain links to current promotions. Click the banner below to check it out.

I’ll do my best to clarify the details of each promotion but please feel free to reach out if you’ve got any questions about any of them.

As Redpants goes through its major overhaul through the end of the year, there should start to be more promotions popping up in there, especially manufacturer-driven promotions, so make sure you check back regularly to see what’s going on!

New Products

I mentioned an upcoming new product in my last blog post. I’ve just made a listing for that product, low-profile front license plate mounts, in the online store so they’re now available for pre-order! Orders will ship as soon as the finish products arrive.

I’ve expanded a few listings to provide more options:

  • I now carry the door struts for the 2nd gen Vanquish (MY12-18) and both front and rear door struts for the Rapide and Rapide S.

  • I’ve added brake rotors options for the 6-piston front calipers used on the V8 Vantage S and MY12.25+ V8 Vantage, plus a fitment guide explaining options at the bottom of that listing.

  • FEAD Belts for the V12 engines are now in stock and ready to ship directly from Redpants and I’ve added an option for those belts on the existing FEAD Belt listing.

  • An odd thing sometimes needing to be replaced is the Radio Panel Visor (AKA “ICM Lens”). It’s the clear glass panel that goes over the radio readout on the center console. I’ve created a listing for the two options available and those will be shipping directly from Redpants.

  • One of the big projects I’m working on is mapping out the work being done to my own ‘07 V8 Vantage. You guys are probably aware that I’ve got a GMR Supercharger Kit and set of Cobra Nogaro seats on the way, but something I haven’t really mentioned is that I’m also planning to swap out the front brakes for the larger ones found on the V8 Vantage S and later (MY12.25+) V8 Vantage. So, I made a listing for a 6-Piston Front Brake Package that includes everything needed if you want to do it, too!

  • Lastly, I created a Garage Sale listing for some take-off parts from a Vantage GT4 race car! The listings includes the USED front bumper and side sills and NEW lower margin seals.

For those of you with new-generation cars, I’ll be adding new listings for you soon! I’ve already added Porterfield R4-S brake pads for the DB11 and New Vantage, and will be adding performance products very soon!

And yes… superchargers are coming ;)