BC Forged Wheel Promo!

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Wheel Promo!!

I'm a huge fan of BC Forged's wheels and think they're a fantastic upgrade for any car, especially an Aston. I've owned a few sets myself and have brutally abused them with great results. The OEM 7-spoke wheels that originally came on my grey V8 Vantage were ruined beyond usability and they didn't suffer nearly as much as my BC Forged wheels have.

Let's get to the point: I want to get pictures of BC Forged wheels on Aston Martins!

Choose one of five styles. The deal applies to only one set per style and it's first come, first served. The styles available for the promotion are the KL01, KL11, RS42, RZ39, and RZ10.

Color can be any standard finish offered by BC Forged. There are lots to choose from and I have samples of them. I'm happy to take pictures and videos to show what each finish looks like.

The spokes will be concave.

Sizing will be either 19-in or 20-in with either Redpants or Widepants fitment.

Promo applies only for Aston Martin fitment and vehicles.

Basically, nothing crazy. You'll get an awesome set of wheels. The deal is that I need high-quality pictures to use for product listings, promotion, etc. Once I have the pics, I'll reimburse your shipping costs. That's a $350 rebate! That's a significant discount given the wheels only cost $3100-3300 per set.

I need at least three pictures per set of wheels, preferably a few more. The three minimum pictures are the front quarter, profile, and rear quarter of an Aston Martin with the BC Forged wheels equipped. The car should be parked somewhere relatively scenic (no garage or parking lot shots unless it’s a super wicked sweet garage). Here are some examples.

Front quarter:

RZ05 front quarter.jpg


RT50 profile.jpg

Rear quarter:

RT50 rear quarter.jpg

The pictures don’t have to be done by a professional photographer so long as they’re high quality and high definition. If you’re interested, let me know!