Some Important Stuff

First thing’s first: I mentioned before that I’m going to sell my red V8 Vantage. I was putting it off because part of me was holding out hope that things would come back together, and I was also considering turning it into a dedicated track car. But unfortunately for me, I’ve got way too much on my plate right now and I have to scale things back a bit so I can get a new foundation to build upon.

I’ve got a bunch of information on the build page for it but if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. I’m into the car around $60k but have it priced low 1) to help it sell quickly, 2) because it isn’t a perfect car, and 3) we never get our money back on mods, even if they’re high-demand upgrades.

New wheels and coilovers.jpg

The car is back on factory 7-spoke wheels and Bridgestone tires, but I’m happy to work with the buyer on a new set of BC Forged wheels or my used BC Forged RT50s if they’d like to go that route.

I’m Unzipping My Redpants

My oft-neglected Redpants Unzipped website is still slowly coming together. I’ve been working on content in what little spare time I have and I’ll be uploading it to Unzipped soon. That includes articles about the Redpants Tech Day that I hosted with Aston Installations here in Tampa last year, my trip to England where those guys hosted me, and my trip to Japan back in November.

And I’m going back to Japan………… next week.

That means Redpants will be closed Jan 8-15, 2019. Any orders received during that time will be shipped when I get back. I’ll be attending the Tokyo Auto Salon, going to a race at Fuji Speedway, and spending some time being reminded that it isn’t 85F in January elsewhere so maybe I should put on my happy pants and appreciate how good I have it. That last sentence was brought to you by margaritas.

The trip to Japan next week was very short-notice, but attending Tokyo Auto Salon has been a bucket list item for me since high school and I’d hate myself for passing up the trip, which was prompted by an invitation from Alpha Racing Classics to join them at Fuji Speedway.

Speaking of ACR, I’ve got an article about their wild V8 Vantage that will be going up on Redpants Unzipped soon, too.

ACR Aston Martin.jpg

Good Things Don’t Last Forever

I’ve got a sale going on in the online store and it will continue through my trip to Japan. When I get back on January 15th, the sale will end. As I expected, I’ve had a rush on a few things and I’m already restocking them. If something is sold out, email me and let me know - I’ll honor the sale price for you when it gets back in stock.

Redpants Restructuring

I hope everyone has liked the changes I’ve made to the Redpants website so far. I’ve gotten the shuffling mostly done and now I’m focusing on adding content and filling in the placeholder text that’s so awkwardly taking up space in a few spots.

At the same time, I’m also going to do a complete overhaul of the Unzipped website. I’ve never been happy with it and it’s in dire need of a revamp.

In addition to the websites, I’m also working on ways to get Redpants stabilized again. So much went wrong in 2018 that Redpants is in a bit of disarray as a company. I’ve been fixing things as I can and I seriously appreciate everyone’s patience (seriously).

There are more products in the works, more website content for both Redpants and Unzipped, more Tech Days being planned around the US (and elsewhere!), and some other stuff that will make Aston Martin ownership a hell of a lot better. It took Aston Martin over a hundred years to get its shit straight. Redpants has only been here three years. I just hope the next 97 are a bit less bankrupty for me than it was for them.

Uh, I’m gonna knock on wood real quick.