Typing out the title of this blog was like posting an overly enthusiastic "I'M SCREAMING" on social media. My face is blank and my mouth straight. I have been pursing my lips on occasion to drink my whisky sour (well, whisky sours - plural - given I've had several).

Earlier this evening I started writing a blog post that turned into something of an autobiography and Clare told me to put down the drink and get to the point. So please accept my apology for the terse nature of this blog post as I've been typing for a couple hours and several drinks and I'm restarting from the beginning to get to the point.

Our Exterior Lighting products are being pulled until we can get them sorted. The quality has been way, way too inconsistent so we've only been able to ship a small fraction of the inventory we've received. We've lost an incredible amount of money on them, plus burned through a ton of goodwill with you guys, plus spent way too much time dealing with them, and had far too much stress and anxiety.... Let's just say these things have caused so many problems for us that, until two days ago, I was seriously considering closing down Redpants entirely. Yes, because of these fucking lights.

We're in the process of doing damage control on the pre-orders we have. Those of you that have pre-paid will be getting a full refund and if/when we get things sorted, we'll take care of you. We'll email you with the details so we're on the same page moving forward. I'm sorry to disappoint you and everyone else that have been waiting for us to restock them, and I hope you don't write us off entirely.

I don't take this lightly. Not only have I considered closing down Redpants, I even considered selling my beloved grey V8 Vantage so I could just walk away from it all and do a lot more traveling. I'd keep our red V8 Vantage project car because Clare really likes it and, frankly, she deserves it. Despite my deep, dark concerns, Clare has kept things running. She has been handling inventory, shipping, invoicing, and orders. She keeps my chin up and has supported me through the last few months of difficulties and depression. But for me, I no longer love it and that's the hardest thing to deal with given how passionate I am about this.

Previously-attempted near-autobiography aside, I'll be taking a step back to pull things back together and recover after a series of unfortunate events. We're still here - Clare is still handling orders and I'm still answering emails. I'll just be taking a far more casual approach to it so I can reset myself and rekindle that passion that led me to start Redpants nearly three years ago.

Redpants Updates

The more I drive on our BC Racing coilovers, the more I like them. They just can't be beaten for the cost, and they come with benefits like ride height and rebound/compression adjustment. They're being custom made to order so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Our lightweight 2-piece lug nuts are starting to ship! The black ones are here, and the "clear" finish are on their way. They save weight compared to the factory lug nuts, about the same as titanium but at a fraction of the price. And they have a slightly narrower overall diameter, which means you can use them with aftermarket wheels.

We've struck up a deal with Aston Installations in England to supply our Redpants products. We're starting off with our Oil Catch Cans and TPMS Fault Defeats, which they now have ready to ship. This should be a bit more cost-effective for those of you on the other side of the pond given shipping costs.

We recently spent a week in England. The trip included a WEC race at Silverstone, visits to Aston Martin Works Service, the Aston Martin HQ and factory in Gaydon, a stop-in at Divinatech, and a test drive of GMR's supercharged V8 Vantage. I'll be writing a full article about the trip as well as a review of GMR's V600 Vantage for Redpants Unzipped. As with any time I step away from the computer for more than a few days, I've got a mountain of emails to get through, so I appreciate everyone's patience as I catch up. If you're concerned I've missed your email, please send another - it does happen and I'd rather get a second email than miss you entirely.

Upon uploading this blog post, I realized I have an unpublished blog post from July 11, which also reminded me that I have half a dozen videos to upload, A few DIY guides to write, and several articles for information and modifications to finish. So those will need to happen.