Just a Few Updates

This is going to be short and sweet - a simple bit of updates for a few things.

I started another website last year called Redpants Unzipped. I hadn't gotten much done with it until recently, so there should be more content popping up on it over the next couple months. I'm trying out long-form articles with mini-reviews built into them. You can get an idea of how it'll go with the article I just wrote about the AMOC event at Lime Rock last weekend.

Our lightweight 2-piece lug nuts are just about done, but the manufacturer made all of them black instead of doing some black and some clear-finish. That, in addition to a few redesigns to make sure they're as safe as possible, means we still don't have them yet.

We've given approval to BC Racing to begin manufacturing the coilovers we've been developing with them. Now it's just a matter of them being made and shipped to us! We've been really happy with the prototypes we've been testing, and can't wait to have the final product shipped out to customers.

We started stocking the Bovee 1000 so you can stream music over Bluetooth into your car. They're plug-and-play if you have a factory 30-pin connector in your Aston Martin.

New BC Forged wheel designs have been added to our online store, and we've also done an across-the-board price reduction.

More of our exterior lighting products have started arriving from the manufacturer and we're getting them sent out to pre-order customers as they trickle in. This also includes the corrected rear bumper reflectors. For those of you that received the original reflectors that weren't shaped properly, we're also including a return slip so you can send those back to us (thanks in advance!).

We've been working with Aston Installations in the UK so we can start selling installation kits for their infotainment upgrades. In case you haven't seen it yet, here's what they can do:

For those of you in the UK and Europe, Aston Installations is setting up to sell our Redpants products, so you'll be able to get them more locally than having to order from the US. We're setting up initially for oil catch can kits and TPMS Fault Defeats.

I'm sure there's more, but those are the main things for now. As always, thank you all for the support!