I've Finally Caved In

I get about a dozen emails a day asking about product availability or status updates on one thing or another, the answer to which is most often, "It's in the works," or "It'll be updated soon." The usual response to that is, "Can you email me when it's ready?" Until now, I've had to politely decline doing that because, frankly, it's near impossible to keep running lists of everyone that needs to be updated on everything that we're working on. Clare does post updates to our Instagram and Facebook pages, but a number of people have told me they don't use social media. There is, however, another solution: newsletters.

I've been very reluctant to use newsletters because the vast majority of the ones I've ever subscribed to have been meaningless spam. Because of the high volumes of junk mail, what little relevant information there might be gets lost in the pile and I never see it. Likewise, I've worried that if people were to rely on newsletters from Redpants for updates, they'd miss that information as well. But the time has come to give it a shot.

If you'd like to subscribe to the heckin' new Redpants newsletter, fill out this form:

What to Expect

I don't have the time or energy to spam you guys with constant reminders of my existence. Rather, I'll only be using the newsletter to send out updates that are actually meaningful. For example, these are the types of things you'll see in the newsletter:

  • When a sold out or otherwise unavailable product is back in stock
  • When I post a new entry to my blog
  • When I upload a new video to YouTube

I won't send out a newsletter email for each individual thing that happens. It'll be a grouping of events within a single newsletter. You shouldn't get more than one email per week, if not every-other week.

Stick to Quality

At the beginning of this blog post were hyperlinks to Instagram and Facebook. Those links take you directly to our Redpants pages for each platform. Sometimes you'll see hyperlinks in my blog posts, DIY guides, or even in product listings in the online store. Anytime you see a hyperlink on the Redpants website, it's taking you directly to the thing to which I'm referring. That means a link to Amazon for wiper blades will take you to the actual listing for the wiper blades I'm telling you to buy for your maintenance. It won't be a generic link to Amazon's homepage (if that does happen, it means the link is broken so please let me know so I can fix it!). I do that because it's not worthwhile for me to carry them myself, so I'm going to tell you where to get them.

I do get click-through affiliate revenue if you do buy those things after clicking through to them. Trust me, though, it's a lot less than you'd think and it's hard to actually get paid for a referral because of how many places online generate referral click-through traffic.

The point I'm trying to get at - despite talking in circles - is that with the newsletter, you'll get actually-relevant information without having to worry about fluff. I leave the fluff to my blog posts.

Tech Day Signups!

A big thank-you to the people that have sent me their information for our first Tech Day! We're extremely excited and, honestly, a little bit nervous.

We've had a few local shops interested in attending, and may have one or two of the local Aston Martin dealership's staff joining as well to see what the deal is with this Redpants thing that just came to town.

It would be immensely helpful for anyone coming to let me know in advance since I'll be catering lunch and want to make sure I get the right amount of food and drinks to keep everyone happy. Things can happen to prevent people from attending, and that's fine - the event is free to attend and Redpants is paying for lunch so it's not like anyone is having to pay for anything if they can't make it.

Festivals of Speed

Clare and I attended the Festivals of Speed in St Pete last weekend - our first real event since moving to Florida. It was a blast, and there were some seriously cool cars on display. My favorite of the show was an old Volkswagen Beetle - I took more pictures of it than I took of everything else that day combined.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the car or the rest of the event because I only took my phone with me and I left that in an Uber and it's gone. It's also caused a lot of other issues, since I've been changing passwords and all the other whatnottery that needs to be done when losing a key access point to every facet of one's life.

Oh well, moving on.

As fate would have it, the DB9 parked next to me was the last DB9 ever built. I didn't realize this at first - all I knew was that the car looked very familiar. After talking to the owner, it all clicked. I'd seen the car previously at Aston Martin of Washington DC in Tysons Corner, VA (my former local dealership). It was bought by the gentleman here in Florida and, low and behold, there it was parked next to me. What are the chances?? Clare posted a picture of it on her Facebook and several of our friends chimed in about having been in or around the car - including the salesman in VA! It never ceases to amaze me how small the world is, especially the Aston Martin world.

Last DB9.jpg

Speaking of small worlds, as well as the aforementioned local dealership... Dimmitt Automotive Group had a huge display, including Aston Martins. We ended up chatting with the Sales Director about Aston Martins, then Redpants, and then Vantage Point. The conversation snowballed pretty quickly. It was basically, "Yes, I know a lot about the cars," "I have a website about Aston Martins," "I wrote an article for Vantage Point magazine." - and that fast, too. He gave me an odd look, then popped open the trunk of a Vanquish S Volante and pulled out the Vantage Point issue. I flipped it open to the article and held up my picture next to my face. He burst out laughing and, when I tried to hand the magazine back to him, he said, "Keep it, we're a full service dealership - magazine included."

Clare and I had to run immediately at that point (Clare had been trying to get me to hurry up since we were running late for an appointment and had already missed our first Uber), but I realized as we walked away that this was the first time I'd actually seen the article in person.

Reading my article.jpg

So, a huge Thank You to Mark Tillman for the magazine, and to Dimmitt for the hospitality (their hospitality area was awesome - we got to start the day with mimosas and smoked salmon). I'll also be doing a full write-up of the Festivals of Speed event over on my other much-delayed website, Redpants Unzipped.

And lastly, for anyone wondering, the wings badges on the hood and trunk of the DB11 are in fact larger than those on the previous generation of cars. I measured it with my now-missing iPhone, so I can confirm the new badges are larger.

Now you know for sure.