Reorganizing for the New Year

I’ve finally gotten around to doing some much-needed reorganization of the website! (yay) You’ll see a bunch of placeholder text while I work on this. Don’t worry, the placeholders aren’t permanent.

My goal is to make content easier to find - both when looking for something specific or for exploring what’s on Redpants. There’s a bunch of information that’s hidden away because it isn’t obvious that it even exists, so I’m hoping that by organizing everything into simple groups, it’ll be easy for you guys to see what’s what and where. The grouping should be easy enough to figure out and I’ll be doing a lot of cross-referencing. The cross-references are to guide you to information related to what you’re currently reading. There shouldn’t be many broken links, but I’m willing to bet there will be at least a few. If you find one, please let me know!

I’ve added a drop-down menu to the Contact Page that requires people to choose a Topic for the email. I’m setting up rules for my email account to sort incoming emails based on Topic, which I think will help tremendously with me being able to answer all the emails that come in as efficiently as possible. I spend at least a couple hours almost every single day answering emails so any bit of improved efficiency I can find is going to make my life a lot easier.

I realized that I have a ton of random parts in my inventory that I don’t have listed in the Online Store. I’ll be adding product listings for those so expect to see more items appearing in the shop.

Speaking of the shop, I’m having a big GOOD RIDDANCE TO 2018 sale right now. It’s very rare that I put on sales or offer discounts so take advantage of it while you can! Please be patient if there are any shipping delays as 1) shipping during the holidays is horrible due to both volume and closures, and 2) there may be a rush on some products and I might have to restock them.

Last but not least, I want to thank everyone for the incredible support you’ve given me this year. This is the end of Redpants’ third year and, although it was certainly a horrible year in so many ways, it was good to see that there’s still far more potential yet unrealized for this little company of mine. I mentioned in my last blog post that Redpants may not continue through next year. Just to clarify that: I over-extended financially based on some products that didn’t pan out due to slow sales, problematic manufacturing, or unsatisfactory supplier support. So long as I can get Redpants solvent in the next few months, everything will be fine and Redpants will be set to kick ass going forward. The stress from the financial issues was a major factor for the trouble in my personal life and shutting things down would be done if it’s what’s best for my health and my life in general.

I certainly hope 2019 is better than 2018 and I’m looking forward to getting back to where I should be, both personally and with Redpants. Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it’s fantastic for you and your families, and a Happy New Year to us all.