All I Need Are Three Miracles and Two Favors

The last month has been a complete shitshow. That is, frankly, putting it nicely. Our relocation to Tampa had a lot of moving parts but the plan was pretty straight-forward. It got off to a fantastic start... and then promptly fell apart. I'm going to be writing about what's been happening more in-depth once I get some time, but I wanted to take a moment to say that there's a whole giant mess I've been dealing with and that nearly every single step of our relocation plan has gone very, very wrong. Even things that weren't part of our relocation has made things that much more difficult - like Dexter needing an emergency vet visit. All this means that I haven't had a chance to even think about Redpants - I've spent all of my time trying to take care of my family, our relocation, and the unending stream of "WTF??" that keeps landing in my lap on a near-daily basis.

The one thing I have going for me is that the weather in Tampa is waaaaaay better than it is in northern Virginia. I'm taking a much needed and rare break to sit at a beachfront bar and write this blog post, knock out a few emails, get some product and inventory plans laid out, and continue trying to sort the mess our relocation has become. On second thought, that isn't much of a break at all, is it? At least the view is nice.


Essentially, I'm trying to get through a monsoon of crazy as best as I can. There's a definite timeline for when things will or will not fall into place, so hopefully I can claw my way through this. But it's going to take a few miracles and a couple favors to make it all happen. So, fingers crossed.

Here's what's going on right now.

I've just reopened the online store, albeit in a limited capacity. Almost all of our inventory is in a transit warehouse for the next month or boxed up for short-term moving and storing. As we get things sorted out in Florida, I'll make the accessible inventory available in the store. I do not have a solid timeline for what will be available and when because the timeline I had leading up to now has gone completely sideways.

The products available right now are those that will ship directly from a distributor, that we still have easy access to, or are pre-orders for parts that are being delivered this week. That does include pre-order for the smoked corner markers, side repeaters, rear reflectors! Those are going to sell out very quickly but more are already being made. Our lug nuts are also finishing up their final testing right now and will be manufactured this week or next, so those are on pre-order as well.

Again, thank you all for your patience during this incredibly difficult time. We sincerely appreciate it!