Because Race Car

Taking a vacation was great a great way to get away from reality. Coming back, however, really sucks. It took me all week to catch up on everything I missed! But hey, it was a nice break and I can't complain about the things stressing me out - a pair of Astons and a growing business - so things could always be worse.

Grey Car Updates

My grey V8 Vantage is in the middle of repairs and I'm hoping it'll be finished in about a month. It's current state is pretty sad...

The front fender, door, door mirror, and rear bumper cover are all being replaced. The front bumper fascia would probably be fine for refurbishing, but I've got another idea in mind! I have considered going with Aston's own bumper update kit since I need to replace both the front and rear bumpers, but I'm instead planning to get the front bumper fascia from the early GT4 race car. It's the same as the one on early V8 Vantage, but with brake cooling duct inlets molded into it.

The passenger-side air box was crushed as well - you can see the damage in the picture above. I'm looking at getting rid of the air boxes entirely and running open filters instead (and have my own custom-made dry filters in the works!), which will help simplify the intake system and further reduce weight at the nose of the car. Running open air filters does come with risks, though.

The rear was messed up in an odd way. The rear bumper cover was torn in a few places, a corner marker was broken, as was a rear reflector. Although it could be repaired, I've opted to just replace it entirely. A big pain [to my wallet] is that the rear quarter panel was dented a little, right behind the rear wheel.

You can see where it's pushed in a bit, just below the outer edge of where the tail light goes. That's going to cost a bit to get fixed, but at least it can be saved. Replacing that whole panel would be just awful.

One of my tail lights was cracked, but I'm not too worried about it. I was already planning to put clear tail lights on the red car, so I'll be taking the standard red one from that car to put on my grey car. The tail lights are super easy to replace, so there's no rush in getting the new ones until the rest of this costly rebuild is complete.

Red Car Updates

The red car is back from getting repaired after the shipping incident, and it's just about ready to begin its transformation!

The car is at GlasWerks right now getting a clear vinyl wrap on the front half. If you aren't aware of the benefits of doing this, I'll have to put up another blog post about how amazing the stuff is. No time for that topic right now, but let's just say that a clear vinyl wrap is worth its weight in gold.

I've got a set of BC Forged wheels being made right now. I'm going to be completely changing the look of the car so it pops a lot more. That includes bright-finish wheels and clear tail lights. I was thinking about replacing all the blacked-out trim with bright finishes as well, but I think the mix is going to look really cool, so I'll be keeping the black in certain spots to see how it turns out. And my first set of prototype coilovers will be ready for fitting and testing this week, so that project is moving along nicely. The "street" version will be going on this car (the "sport" version on my grey car),

But... I won't be installing any of that stuff just yet because I need to keep the red one completely stock until the repairs on my grey car are finished - I'll be using the red car as a benchmark for testing the grey one. That's right! I'll be taking both cars to a local race shop to have them weighs and dyno'd. People talk about how much power is gained for any given mod on a V8 Vantage, but rarely do we see back-to-back testing. So I'll be taking both cars for testing at the same time. Same scale to check weight, same dyno to check power, and the same day and same place for both to ensure consistency in results.

Redpants Updates

Aston Martin's complete bumper update packages have been added to the online store.

I've also added the Sport Pack, which is a comprehensive upgrade package for the V8 Vantage, and the Sport Pack wheels (they're included with the Sport Pack, but available separately as well).

The Redpants lightweight battery mount is on sale with a huge 15% discount. So if you're thinking about getting it, now's the time!