Redpants Project Car!

Is the title a spoiler? Oh well! A project car is on its way! It was sheer luck that a car with the right price in the right color popped up. It would have been nice to get a 4.7L V8 Vantage, but I couldn't pass on this one. It's very similar to my Mercury Silver car (which I'll be keeping) - they're even the same year. The only real differences are the leather and paint colors, and that this one is a mostly untouched. Here she is!

So why get it? Bottom line is I need a car to use for developing my own parts. My grey car is so thoroughly modified that it isn't a good platform for development. Plus, this one is red. VERY red. So it'll be great for marketing. Plus I'll be building it in a completely different direction than my grey one. That car is built to be nimble and responsive. The suspension is firm, the seats are being replaced with racing shells, and its goal is to show what kind of sports cars Astons can be.

The red one will be built with comfort and class in mind. The suspension will be kept comfortable, the plastic buttons will be replaced with a glass switch kit, and it'll be seeing a number of Aston Martin's own retrofitted upgrades, like iPod integration, updated Bluetooth, and a backup camera. I'm also planning to do some custom cosmetic work to it, like anodizing the gear shift surround (I have the carbon fiber surround in my grey car) and rewrapping the steering wheel to have a thicker grip.

As you guys may have seen, I've been working on my BC Forged wheel listings. There are still quite a few to do, but I've listed several styles in two primary sizes: Redpants fitment and Widepants fitment. The Redpants fitment is what I have on my grey car. The goal there is performance through weight reduction. On the red car, I'll be using a different style wheel in the Widepants fitment. The different styles and sizes will show the flexibility of the wheels and help people better visualize how the wheels will look on their own cars.

And, speaking of two different setups, I'll be using this car to showcase one of my suspension kits that is currently in development. I've got two setups being designed: "Street" and "Sport" (names not set in stone.... I need to think of something clever). The grey car will be getting the Sport setup and the red car will be getting the Street setup.

Being able to showcase two very different builds of the same car will help people figure out what they want to do with their cars. Is lightweight track performance your goal? The grey V8 Vantage has that covered. Want to see a bunch of options to keep your car civil, make it a bit more classy, and add some OEM updates? That'd be the red V8 Vantage. Want a mix of both? Check them out and see what you like from each one!

In addition to suspension, I'll be developing my own exhaust and tune on this car. When people ask me how to make their Aston faster, this is the place where I tell them to start. I pretty much always refer people to Stuart at VelocityAP. He makes great products and offers great support, and he's been a real boon to the Aston community. I've got his headers and tune on my grey car, and tomorrow I'll be installing his clutch and lightweight flywheel setup on it as well. Those parts are all staying on that car, and I'm going to continue to work with him because he's a fantastic guy to deal with. I'm developing my own options for the exhaust and tune because it's a glaring omission from my online store and one of my manufacturers has been eager to develop them. I've delayed it for a year, but now that things are really picking up I think the time has come!

There's a lot in store for this project car. It'll take time, though. The work I put into these projects is mostly paid for by sales at Redpants. (No, neither car is included in that - those are completely paid for by my day job!!) I've got a general timeframe for when things can happen, and hopefully sales trends will continue and I can move my conservative estimates forward to get things done sooner.

New Logo, Same Redpants

I've already posted it on my Facebook page but, for those that haven't seen it, Redpants has a new logo!

I've actually had a few people tell me they were disappointed that the original logo was being replaced. It was a bit of a surprise at first, but then it struck me... even though I have a really small presence on the vast expanse of the interwebs, I've got a great following. As goofy as it is, that nifty little clip-art style logo means something. So to those of you that expressed dismay when you saw the new logo: THANK YOU!

The fact that people were upset about a logo change for a little company like this is incredible. So I really do mean it when I say thank you for caring about it! But don't worry, the original logo is going remain in use! It'll continue to be used for most things. This new logo is the one I'll be putting on shirts and jackets so I can wear them in my videos and at events. I might make some merchandise like mugs. Definitely doing some beer glasses. Regardless, the original logo will be there as well, and isn't being replaced.

Redpants Updates

New product listings have been added to the online store!

In other news, I'll be working on adding torque specs to the DIY guides. I've already added some to the V8 Vantage oil change DIY.