Two Steps Back, Three Steps Forward

Cha Cha Cha

Or something like that. I can't dance.

In my last blog post, I mentioned a bunch of half-finished work I needed to finish. I hate to say that I haven't touched any of it. My to-do list continues to grow, despite my best efforts to knock items off it whenever I have a chance. Seems like I never have enough time, energy, or money to do it all. But I have done a bunch of other stuff, though, so let's go over that instead. It's like a dance, right? A couple steps back, a few steps forward. We end up sweaty but hopefully something good comes of it all, right?

Even though I haven't made any progress on all blog posts I want to write (and that will be cross-posted to Unzipped), I've listed a bunch of parts in the online store, a couple new DIY Guides, and started a series of Modification Guides.

New Parts Listings

To start things off on the right/wrong foot, depending on your sensibilities, we've had some new warning stickers made! They're a bit on the crude side, but a lot of people that have seen them chuckled and said they wanted one for their own cars. A quick note on ordering: If you're buying it as a standalone item, select the "Local Pickup" option during checkout so you don't have to pay additional shipping. Just make sure you put in a good delivery address for me so I can mail it to you! If you're buying it as an add-on item, it shouldn't have any impact on your shipping fees. If it does, just let me know and I'll take care of you (or just place another order for the sticker alone).

Now that our high-flow intake filters are in stock, I decided to make a performance version of our incredibly popular 2-Year Service Package. It includes all the same items as the standard service package, but with our high-flow intake filters instead of the paper OEM ones, and Motul RBF600 brake fluid instead of Motul DOT 5.1.

You can now buy everything you need to install a V12 Vantage hood on your V8 Vantage. A few people have asked about the V12 hood on my grey V8 Vantage so I made a listing that includes everything needed to do the hood conversion, including options for either mesh vent inserts or carbon fiber louvers. I also added a listing for the black-detailed Aston Martin 'wings' badges for the hood and trunk, which are a nice touch. They can be done on their own, or along with the V12 hood.

Other small details are the mesh insert for the V12 Vantage S grille. If anyone with that grille has a front license plate they want to remove, this replacement mesh insert lets you remove the front plate and not be left with a pair of gaping holes in the mesh.

Along similar lines are the hex mesh lower grille for pre-facelift V8 Vantages. This is a nicer lower grille than the standard wire one, and matches the hex-patterened mesh used in the carbon fiber rear diffuser of the N420 Styling Package and the AMR Lightweight Mesh Grille.

I've saved the best for last: I'm now a retailer for VelocityAP parts! VelocityAP makes exhausts, tunes, springs, and other parts that can really transform a car for the better. I've been using their parts for years, and now I'm finally selling them.

New DIY Guides

I've created two new DIY Guide pages. One is for replacing the Convertible Roof Module (CRM), and the other is for lubricating the fuel filler lid solenoid. CRM failures are somewhat common on the earlier DB9 and Vantage convertibles. As I show in the guide, replacing the CRM is easy, but you'll need to go to a dealership to finish the job.

The fuel filler lid repair came about because it was an issue on our red project car. The button in the cabin wasn't working, and it turned out the solenoid was in poor shape. Lubricating the solenoid's 'plunger' seemed to do the trick and now the button works again. This should also make for a good preventive maintenance practice.

New Modification Guides

I answer a ton of questions about modifying Astons, so I decided to put a bunch of thoughts down into Modification Guides. These are going to take a very, very long time to complete, so please bear with me while I work on them. The guides are going to go over the various characteristics of the cars, particularly things that are commonly considered to be shortcomings, and how to change them. I'll also be giving the pros and cons of each modification to help you make the most informed decision possible before spending your hard-earned cash.

The Modification Guides are meant to be just that: guides. They're not going to be definitive rules or anything like that. Modifying a car is entirely subjective, and everyone has a different set of tastes, goals, and restrictions, so there's no one answer to what someone should do to their car (if anything!). But I think the guides will go a long way toward answering many of the questions people have about each option.

I'll also be using my own project cars to demonstrate the parts I discuss. The Project Car pages are still being worked on (very slowly), and will supplement the Modification Guides by explaining why I chose the parts that I did for each car.

More to Come... If I Can Ever Stop Dancing

So that's that for now. Lots going on, lots still in the works, and lots still to come. I'll try to get back to writing entertaining blog content as soon as my massive to-do list dies down a bit!