Well, Shit...

Some of you may have noticed that a whole bunch of product listings in my online store now say Sold Out. Unfortunately, due to an Aston Martin corporate policy, I'm unable to maintain my existing supply chain. Until that gets resolved, I've changed the listings so only things I have in stock can be purchased from Redpants. The good news is that I've been building up a bunch of inventory, so I can still provide routine service items. The bad news is that I'm not sure when I'll get my OEM parts supply restarted or at what cost.

So Far, So Good...

Business is booming and I've been putting a ton of money into expanding inventory. October has been Redpants' best by far, and led to a bit of a buying spree for new parts to keep in stock - a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that's often requested like fasteners and exhaust gaskets, but also more costly items like clutch packages and our custom products like the clear and smoked corner markers, side repeaters, and rear bumper reflectors.

Speaking of which, those corner markers and whatnot should be ready to ship in the next two to three weeks. They'll be available alongside the other parts we've made available:

Oil catch cans
Lightweight battery kits
High-flow intake filters
Air box delete brackets
Warning stickers
Porterfield handbrake pads
BC Racing coilovers
TPMS Defeats

Not bad for being in business for less than two years! And that's not all. Once we get things sorted, we'll be back on track with more package offerings and more in-stock inventory ready for quick shipment.


This hiccup (hopefully that's all it is) in my supply chain presents quite the challenge. At worst, I can continue to get parts but my costs will go up by probably 30%, give or take. That's obviously going to cause my prices to increase accordingly, which I know would upset you guys just as much as it would upset me. It's a last resort, but it's on the table if I'm forced to go that route. Another option is to completely change my supply chain. I have a few options with this, but it's hard to gauge what the actual impact will be.

I hope it goes without saying that I'm doing everything I can to maintain the absolutely lowest prices possible. One thing that I've always been good at is thinking outside the box, and I'm definitely putting that to use right now.


Redpants has been a passion project for me. I've invested a ridiculous amount of time, energy, and money into it, and I'm not about to let something I care about so deeply fall apart so easily. As far as I'm concerned, my bottom line is that I'm going to get through this one way or another. My only concern is resolving it as quickly and cost efficiently as possible so it doesn't impact my customers.

And Then...

Once all this is resolved, I'll continue to build up Redpants as I have been: investing in more inventory and expanding the types of parts and supplies I keep in stock, investing in new, custom Redpants products, and building out the Redpants website with more DIY guides and resources for Aston Martin owners.

And Then and Then...

As part of my quest to make Aston Martin ownership as reasonable and straight-forward as possible, I've been increasing the types of products I keep in stock and ready to ship. That now includes a variety of OEM parts like fasteners, gaskets, brake pad wear sensors, corner markers, rear bumper reflectors... and starting to stock things like clutch packages and other higher-cost parts. Of course, this supply chain situation comes as I'm just starting to do this, so the quantities are a bit limited at the moment.

But hey, that's business, right? I see this whole thing as one of those "make or break" challenges that every startup faces at some point. Maybe big business will win, and lil ol' me will be knocked out by the competition. Or maybe this will be the point where I double down and turn Redpants into something far more than it currently is.

Or maybe... I need another gin n' tonic.