Customer Cars Gallery Submissions!

Aston Martin owners are incredibly proud of their cars and it's easy to see why. They're absolutely stunning. I get emails from literally all over the world (which is seriously awesome, by the way) and a lot of people include a picture of their car. In fact, I've had so many people send me pictures of their Astons that it'd be a shame to not share them. To do that, I've started up a new image gallery for customers' cars. If you want me to add a picture of your Aston Martin, please send me a pic and tell me that I can post it!

I'll only be posting a limited amount of information: First name with last name initial, year and model, color, and general location. I'm not sure if that information will show up on mobile devices (I couldn't get it to show on my iPhone), but the picture below is how it will look when you hover over it with your mouse on a desktop:

So if you'd like to have your car added to the gallery, please send the picture you want posted and the information you see in the example above to my email address: Rich@Redpants.LOL

In Other News

I keep finding myself with random things I want to share, but aren't enough to warrant a full blog post (or are they?), so I end up not saying anything. I've got to do better at keeping up with this blog, so from here on out I'll be doing more posts - they'll be anything from short snippets of information like you're seeing in this "In Other News" section right now (I had shoehorned that job into the "Current Status" shown on the Redpants home page) to full articles or even just simple announcements.

Where are the blog posts for Andrew's DB9?

Andrew's DB9 was something of an adventure. Let's call it a lot of lessons learned. In short, not a single thing went right aside from the standard maintenance. Parts didn't arrive on time, there were issues with outside vendors, and the original eight weeks I was supposed to have with the car was reduced to only three. I'll be revisiting the project to continue the blog posts I want to do for that series but, needless to say, I didn't have the jaw-dropping results I wanted to deliver to Andrew upon his arrival.

It was honestly a real kick to the gut as I failed to meet my goals. Regardless of why I failed, I did fail to meet my delivery. It was really hard to sit down and type out each bit of the project, but I've got my notes and now that things have continued on I can finally get around to catching up on it.

What was with the shipping delays last month?

Two words: Christmas volume. UPS and USPS were so overwhelmed with shipments that everything took forever. One USPS shipment I sent out to someone only a couple hours away from me should have been delivered the next day was scheduled to be delivered in five. Five days instead of one! To complicate things even more, just getting my inventory was a mess. One of my shipments was stuck in a UPS warehouse in Kentucky for two weeks! Simply put, shipping anything during the holidays is a complete mess and takes forever. I appreciate everyone's patience during the last month!

Redpants Projects

I've got a few things in the works, so here's a quick update on them: The seating project is going through another round of prototyping. Safety is paramount so I'm going slow and steady on this. I'm doing the initial planning for some suspension products. The main one is going to be a pretty big deal, I think! I'll make a full announcement once I get closer to having them ready. Intakes are a hot topic right now so those are on my mind - both the airboxes and the filters themselves. I'm considering making a few lightweight parts to keep pushing my weight loss agenda. If I pull the trigger on these ideas, the parts will be made of aluminum and carbon fiber and will drop quite a bit of weight. And last but not least, work still continues on my website! I'm doing this Redpants thing solo (aside from working with suppliers, of course) so it's slow going. But it is going, and it's going well!

TPMS Defeats are coming back!

Finally!! The only difficult part about the TPMS Defeats has been a steady supply of the connectors. Now that I've got one, inventory shortages will no longer be an issue! For those of you on the waiting list, I'll be reaching out to you as soon as the Defeats are ready, but please feel free to send me a message or email reminding me that you're on the list. I'd rather be reminded than risk missing anyone!

And lastly....

Believe it or not, I'm less than a week away from the one-year anniversary of founding Redpants. This has been an absolutely incredible year and I'll be uploading a blog post rambling about it. But I'll say right now that it really has been absolutely incredible. Thank you all for making Redpants a success!